Gwen Performing in Tokyo Mar. 16 for MasterCard Priceless Japan (Updated)

Gwen is set to perform her first solo concert live in Tokyo on March 16 sponsored by MasterCard Priceless Japan. Skream shared the news that MasterCard card holders are able to purchase tickets to the exclusive show starting Thursday, February 16. She’ll be performing at Zepp DiverCity in Tokyo with doors opening at 5:30PM and tickets costing ï¿¥9,500.

After translating the Japanese article, Gwen shared how excited she is to be performing in Tokyo again saying, “Japan is for me, is a very important presence. Or found a new one side of the rich culture of Japan, Meet the wonderful people who inspired my life and music, experience in Japan is irreplaceable for me. That’s why, in this way we are thrilled that can be held in Priceless Performance a concert in Tokyo. To be able to meet you and in Tokyo, I’m looking forward to it.”

Japanese fans interesting in going make sure to check out for more information.

7 Replies to “Gwen Performing in Tokyo Mar. 16 for MasterCard Priceless Japan (Updated)”

  1. I read the new single is going to sound like a Maroon 5 song… If that’s true, I hope it sounds like “One More Time” at least…

  2. I’m considering flying from Norway to Japan to watch Gwen in concert!! Would any of you guys consider going? 😀

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