Gwen Performs “Hollaback Girl” Live with Pharrell In Hollywood (Updated)

It happened again! Gwen treated lucky fans to another surprise performance of “Hollaback Girl” with Pharrell Williams live tonight at the Hollywood Bowl. Pharrell opened for Bruno Mars and brought Gwen out during his set for a special duet. She looked and sounded incredible!

Thank you to everyone who shared photos and videos from the show! Full video courtesy of SheriH.

24 Replies to “Gwen Performs “Hollaback Girl” Live with Pharrell In Hollywood (Updated)”

  1. Oh… I would rather she singing Hella Good then Hollaback Girl. Feel sad for No Doubt. I hope from all this promotion come out another ND album. But, you know…

  2. Honestly I would rather have Gwen do a solo album with producers who are really inspired. That’s how I feel after waiting for Push and Shove for so long.

  3. IMO shes gearing up for a solo release. If this was simply to promote The Voice, they would be singing his song feat. her and not her mega hit produced by him… Then again IMO only.

  4. I figured you’d reopen the site for this. What’s the deal with these closures lately?

    I wish Gwen had done something with Bruno too! I love him!

  5. She definitely needs a new song out, No Doubt or solo. I think it’s a bit ridiculous, she’s still performing Hollaback Girl. Time to move on, no?

  6. Jenny, does that mean a new theme is coming? 🙂

    I agree NDLOVER…The Voice is a wasted opportunity so far… Makes no sense. She needs a new single.

  7. Even as a huge fan I don’t even care to watch this. How do you expect the general public to care? She’s done this twice already. Yikes, so much for new management. She needs a single asap. Riding this tired old wave to the ground

  8. Guys come down the voice hasn’t even started filming yet and your saying its a wasted opportunity? She would be smartest to release a single late this year while the voice is airing on tv this fall.

  9. There is NOTHING attractive about that look. Gwen usually always nails it, but not this time. IMO If she keeps performing this song, and Pharrell keeps calling her the queen it kind of loses its authentic coolness and can come off slightly forced. It’s no different than ND playing “It’s My Life” or “Hella Good” over and over AND over. Especially for major public performances. YAWN

  10. Yikes that outfit is hideous! I’ve never seen Gwen getting it all so wrong. I like her hair that way, though. I agree with those who said that her surprise performances with Pharrell are getting a little lame by now. It was beyond awsome the first time, it was really cool on The Voice and now it’s kinda meh. Don’t get me wrong, it’s cool to see her perform at all, but she really needs to bring on some new stuff. It’s a little awkward when Pharrell keeps calling her the queen when all she does is performing an almost 10 years old song over and over again. Makes her look like a washed up one hit wonder.

  11. there are also new fans ( after her long hiatus) who need discover her old hits.

    it’s probably a new come back solo for soon. we must be indulgent with her.
    she show her very powerful and cool onstage.

  12. haha Bob! You are funny. All combined? What is the matter with her teeth? Retainer? Clear Braces?

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