Gwen Performing During White House Italy State Dinner Oct. 18 (Updated)


Gwen, joined by her family, had the honor of being invited to the final State Dinner hosted by President Barack Obama today. She is set to perform tonight with her band after dinner and posed for photos earlier in the day with President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama and the guests of honor Italian Prime Minster Matteo Renzi and his wife Agnese Landini.

Gwen and Blake were spotted together chatting and mingling with fellow guests throughout the night. She looked absolutely stunning in a deep-plunging sparkly gown from Yanina with her hair in a high-ponytail. Select footage from the arrivals (which didn’t include Gwen) and dinner were shown on CSPAN; the live feed courtesy of only seemed to state the happenings of the evening. Unfortunately fans were not able to tune into Gwen’s performance so we’re hoping photos and videos are shared soon!

A few photos and video clips have been surfacing on Twitter from the event including some from Gwen’s intimate performance. Gwen performed a small set including “The Sweet Escape”, “Hella Good”, “Go Ahead and Break My Heart” (she invited Blake onstage for their duet), “It’s My Life”, “Don’t Speak” and “Make Me Like You”. During the performance, Gwen took a moment to share a story of her first trip to Italy with the Prime Minister.


It was announced by First Lady Michelle Obama this afternoon that Gwen is set to perform during the prestigious White House Italy State Dinner hosted by President Obama on Tuesday, October 18. This landmark event will more than likely be the last State Dinner hosted by the Obamas and we can’t imagine what a thrill this must be for Gwen to have the honor of performing.

Mrs. Obama shared the announcement via Snapchat today and attendees will also be treated to a fabulous Italian dinner prepared by guest chef Mario Batali. The State Dinner is being held in Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and his wife, Agnese Landini’s honor reports the Washington Post.

The event will be live streamed via next Tuesday so fans will have the opportunity to tune in for the performance!

No Doubt recently had the honor of performing in-front of President Obama during the 2011 Kennedy Center Honors and most recently Gwen hosted a Sunday of Fun fundraiser with First Lady Michelle Obama at her home in 2012.

21 Replies to “Gwen Performing During White House Italy State Dinner Oct. 18 (Updated)”

    1. Unfortunately the stream wasn’t what many expected. They showed portions of the event on CSPAN but the performance was not aired. Thank goodness for those that shared clips of her onstage!

  1. What a fabulous honor and she sang so many songs! Typically they sing just 3 songs at these events a spokesperson said. Beyonce only sang 3.
    Gwen can really command a crowd like no one else, even at formal state dinners, just wow!
    What a great year for her already and then this. Happy she got to share it with her boys today and Blake tonite.

  2. Wish we could’ve heard what the FLOTUS exchange was about and what the President said to her at the end!! But really awesome hearing her family story to Italy embracing her heritage. So thankful the Obamas picked her for musical performance over lady gaga

  3. Wow Blake’s life with Gwen! First time at Disneyland and first time to the White House in the same week.
    Even tho not her typical crowd, she had them in the palm of her hand. Her stage presence and performance captivated them.

  4. I’m not a fan of Gwen’s look for this event. Still, what an honor for her. OT, but I will miss the Obama’s so much 🙁

    It looks like Blake actually put on a pair of dress pants. Finally. Thank you Gwen. 😉

  5. Can please talk about how much of an update Blake’s celebrity status got since he started dating Gwen? Like… he got to perform in the White House thanks to her. Nobody would have ever even invited him without Gwen lol.

  6. I am sorry but her playing ND songs at the White House when ND hosted Michelle at Gwen’s house and played the Kennedy Honors seems like a stab in the back. She obviously knows people want her for ND songs if she feels the need to play them.

    1. I feel bad for the guys because I’m positive they would have loved the chance to perform at this event. I can see them passing on joining her for select tour dates but I don’t see them passing up playing for the President!

      Now that I’ve seen the tour live I’ve made up my mind that she should have left ND songs out of the set. I love hearing the songs, and Don’t Speak was easier to get into because it’s moreso about Gwen’s vocals, but overall those songs felt like watered-down generic versions of the real thing, JAG especially.

  7. If you decide to go out on your own and make 3 solo records yet still feel the need to fill your sets with music from the band you ditched perhaps the solo material you felt so strongly about isn’t as good as you thought. Just sayin.

    1. Those songs are her songs too. I really don’t see the problem. She wrote them, the lyrics tell her story… she has every right to perform them whenever and wherever the fuck she wants. Without her those soungs wouldn’t even exist…

      Yeah the band wrote them together, but still they belong to Gwen just as much as they belong to Tom, Tony and Adrian.

    2. All of No Doubt’s discography is 100 times better than Gwen’s solo albums.

      And Gwen playing ND songs at her solo concerts just sounds and looks wrong. It’s just not the same without the guys. It looks like Gwen doing karaoke night with other musicians.

      1. I agree…the guys don’t get enough respect for their part in creating and performing ND songs. It bums me out when fans don’t give them the credit they deserve.

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