Gwen Performing “Baby Don’t Lie” Live On The Voice (Updated)

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Gwen did not perform “Baby Don’t Lie” during tonight’s Live Playoffs (Tuesday, November 11) and there was no mention of an upcoming performance during tomorrow’s results show. Hopefully a performance is on the way soon.

l5 is reporting that Gwen will be debuting a live performance of her new single “Baby Don’t Lie” during on The Voice this Tuesday, November 11. The Live shows kick off this week and fans can expect more unique performances and surprises from all the coaches and contestants during the season.

“Baby Don’t Lie” dropped to the #72 spot (after debuting at #46 last week) on the Billboard Hot 100 so we’re hoping her performance gives the single a boost! The Voice airs on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday starting at 8:00 PM on NBC.

Photo courtesy of Zimbio.

30 Replies to “Gwen Performing “Baby Don’t Lie” Live On The Voice (Updated)”

  1. That’s so awesome !!! Cannot wait 😃😍😍😍 is it really live or will she perform before the televised show and be edited in? Do u know ?

  2. A little late, but definitely not too late. Hopefully this will only be the beginning of some serious promo to follow in the next weeks. One performance won’t be enough to make BDL take off.

  3. EMAs wouldn’t make sense, because the song has not been released in large parts of Europe yet. AMAs would be nice.

  4. Yes it is overdue but it should push the song back in the top 20 and hopefully many more live performances will follow this month! Interested to see if Gwen will embrace the wizard of oz theme with her live performances of the song. (Hope so!)

  5. It won’t actually be live so they will be able to tweak it. Yea, I wonder if she’ll have dancers or if it’ll be choreographed. What she’ll wear….

  6. FINALLY!!!!! I guess it’s true that the voice had exclusive rights to the first live performance of the song … but damn finally some promotion…cuz the song has been slipping drastically on the charts due to no promotion or live performances so far. Let’s hope this regains some momentum for the song.

  7. Am I the only one who doesn’t pay attention to charts and such? I’m just waiting for her and No Doubt’s albums to be released.

  8. I don’t care if the coaches’ performances are pre-taped. Obviously they do that for some reason. I’m just ready for Tuesday! 😀

  9. Vanessa, unfortunately chart success does matter if you want tours and more music. Look at what happened with P/S’s failure and how brief that era was because of it.

    1. Exactly. I don’t want Interscope to pull the plug again and maybe even delay Gwen’s album until forever due to lacking single success. That’s why I hope BDL will do as well as possible. And let’s not forget that this new solo era is meant to pave the way for ND’s next album. So, if Gwen doesn’t do well, Interscope might not support ND’s next album.

  10. ^ Couldn’t agree more, yyy! Gwen isn’t an indie artist who can release a new video or single whenever she wants without caring about the sales or charts positions. And don’t get me started about fans who still moan about product placement in videos. FYI those brands give them a budget. We have to realise that the music industry is way more competitive than it was 10 years ago.

  11. Guy’s this is Gwen Stefani we are talking about this women’s a National brand interscope isnt going to pull the plug on “finally remembering what is me” trust me for crying out loud she is worth 1.8 billion dollars yes billion…

  12. I always think ‘oh it’s Gwen Stefani, they will fund her anyway’ but really no that is not the case… Gwen is not sat thinking wow I am doing this whole era for me, it’s because she has all the bosses saying: GWEN CAPITALISE ON THIS OPPORTUNITY…. and if there is no money in it, then they will not just carry on pumping money into something just because it’s Gwen Stefani who is doing it. BDL does need to boost up the charts after the promo, or the people in charge really wont see much point if it’s not making money!

  13. I wish she performs Spark the Fire with Pharrel next month and needs to do more Promo otherwise what a disappointment

  14. This will totally sound little Settle Down with all the drums and stuff (something like No Doubt on Teen Choice Awards 2012) so… I’m not so excited…

  15. American fans should consider gifting the song via iTunes to friends next week, to help boost sales. If I was in America I’d do that.

  16. I’m telling you that is why she filmed two videos just in case this exact situation happen she has something up her sleeve and is surrounded by an amazing team…

  17. Well I have hope for this month, I think they released BDL too soon, since she was supposed to perform it on The Voice in November. I really looking forward that after the performace on the Voice things start really going, promo, festivals, awards shows, Tv shows etc. I want her to do well, but she needs to work promo really hard promoting this record.

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