Gwen Performing at Men’s Handball World Championship Jan. 24


Check out photos and videos from Gwen’s performance in Qatar here.


Gwen is confirmed to be heading to Qatar to perform a solo set for the 24th annual Men’s Handball World Championship on January 24. She will be performing during the preliminary rounds following a match between Denmark and Poland at the Lusail Multipurpose Hall for over 15,000 people.

According to, “the handball championship kicked off last week, and runs through Feb. 1. Attendance at matches has varied, but the last-minute addition of these performers is likely to inject a new feeling of excitement about the tournament amongst residents.” Low-priced tickets are said to be already sold out but “several hundred tickets” still available for both dates as of this morning.

Tickets are available now on the show which you can check out here. We’re excited for Gwen and for the fans who are able to make it out to the tournament.

Photo courtesy of Zimbio.

9 Replies to “Gwen Performing at Men’s Handball World Championship Jan. 24”

  1. Any idea if there will be a live stream? I hope she performs Baby Don’t Lie. It’s not like it’s a hard song to learn the lyrics… lol

    1. Yes, she confirmed that she will be touring. No dates or locations have been released yet. I’ll try and have the video up as soon as I can.

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