Gwen Opens Up About Upcoming Tour in New Interviews (Updated)

Gwen sat down for another batch of radio interviews airing nationwide this week. She’s promoting her upcoming tour and opens up about being in the tabloid press, new music and taking her three sons out on the road with her this summer.

Gwen shared that her live rehearsals have been going well and is spending time getting back into tour shape. She’s having fun re-learning material from her previous albums and says that some of her newer tracks are sounding incredible live, including “Red Flag” and “Naughty”. Fans can expect to hear her smash collaboration track with Eve on “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” since she shared she’s been rehearsing it, too.

She says that she’s still determining the set list for the tour but admits that it’s going to be an emotional ride. “”Even, like, going back in time when I did those shows with No Doubt last summer; I was literally in the middle of hell in my personal life…so I’ll be revisiting those emotions I had then. But it’s incredible to be in the position of being a songwriter and sharing your story with people and having people relate to it. It makes you feel better about being in your own life. I just really am in that moment right now, in disbelief that all this is happening now. I’m super, super grateful.”

Billboard reports that she is deep in rehearsals with her live band (including Steve Bradley) and eight dancers that will join her on the tour. She’s been filming tour visuals with Sophie Muller this past Memorial Day weekend in Oklahoma and earlier this week in New York. “”Basically it’s like having the opportunity to do little miniature videos that go behind the songs. Every time we get a chance we get in front of the camera and do some more creative stuff. There’s a lot….[Muller] is like a muse for me.”

We’ll update the post with more highlights and clips once they’re available.

OC Register

OC Register shared that Gwen participated in a teleconference this afternoon and opened up about hitting the road and her hectic year that lead to her new album’s inspiration.

She admits that she went through a period of feeling guilty between The Sweet Escape and Push and Shove saying she felt she was “letting everyone down” while trying to balance both being a committed mother and artist.

Gwen says she’s really excited to back on the road to celebrate her new album. She promises “lots of fun costume changes” according to the article and states that Gwen has been taking into consideration requests from fans on what to perform on tour.

Gwen shares that her and close friend Sophie Muller have been filming footage to be used on tour around the country together. “We got to do what we loved the most, which is fashion… It was like an art project … how many outfits and looks can we do in one day? It was kind of like doing a Vogue fashion shoot, but to music.”


95.5 PLJ / Source

When asked about her new “Misery” video, Gwen said it was really fun to work on a traditional video. She shared that it was filmed in the old abandoned Sears building in Los Angeles over two days. Gwen says she’s been pleasantly shocked by how well the video has been received and wanted to do what she loves to do: pick out different gowns and play dress-up. She says that two out of the three dancers featured in the video are from Jamaica and the three came up with and choreographed their dance moves while on-set of the shoot.

Gwen’s asked about the writing timeline of her viral smash with Blake Shelton “Go Ahead and Break My Heart” and says that it was written before writing “Make Me Like You”. She shares that she wrote “Make Me Like You” one day and the next day she wrote “Misery”.


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Gwen opened up to Hot 99.5’s Toby Knapp about her upcoming tour. The DJ had nothing but wonderful things to say about Gwen and thanked her for being an inspiration and role model to so many including his own daughter. When Toby brought up Gwen’s crazy life over the last year or so, she says that finding her gift and purpose helped her move on and get back to work.

Gwen says that the Twitterverse doesn’t feel real for her until she’s live onstage. She says that she’s accepted that she’s followed around by the paparazzi but feels like it’s taken to another level once her children get involved. Gwen admits she’s tolerant to some extent but has spoken out recently for her kid’s sake.

Gwen mentions how she plans on taking her boys out on the road with her this summer on tour to see the country together. She says she has nothing to complain about and feels extremely grateful and blessed to be in the position she is. Gwen is excited to bring her boys around the US and introduce them to different cultures and historical sites.


94.7 Fresh FM / Source

In a clip in an upcoming interview airing this Friday, Gwen debunked the rumor that she was engaged to boyfriend Blake Shelton. “Can you imagine the amount of gossipy stories that people make up? It makes me laugh everyday. I actually do Google my name just so that I can see the next one that’s going to happen. It’s gotten so out of control. The best part about it is that it’s so hilarious; the worst part about it is that people actually believe it. That’s whats funny.”

When asked if there are plans in the future, Gwen stresses that she’s taking life one day at a time.


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25 Replies to “Gwen Opens Up About Upcoming Tour in New Interviews (Updated)”

  1. 2nd interviewer annoyed me…. She was telling him to bring his parents to her show and he just ignored the invite and asked if she’s engaged? Tacky.

  2. I am glad she is doing these radio interviews, but do we know about any upcoming BIG promo? Any TV performances? Award shows? Late shows? The album has been out of the top 100 on iTunes for quite some time now, Misery isn’t going anywhere on iTunes, Youtube, Spotify or the radio and the duet with Blake won’t even be sent to radio. Seems like there isn’t really any more promo planned before the tour, or has anything been announced yet?

  3. Ouch. I just looked at ticket sales now and they are HORRID! DO you think they will cancel her tour? It will look bad if they do but the venues are sure to lose a lot of money and give away a lot of free ticjets to make it look less empty.

    1. Can I remind everyone that at most of these concerts are at outdoor arenas and that everyone gets the grass seats coz they are cheaper, the other seats go last. Unless you are a Taylor Swift most concerts are not making much money and that is why the have a sponsor. Blake’s was Gildan for his tour now I see he is doing a commercial for them. Does Gwen’s have a sponsor?
      Also I would be interested to know how ticket sales are going for other acts tours this summer? Saying hers are slow but not citing anyone else’s doesn’t give us a whole lot of info…. As compared to who, what other singular artist not in the Swift demo, in what type of arenas??

      1. There was an article about her weak sales in which they compare her to other tours:

        “In addition to Stefani, others having a hard time selling tickets at the moment include Luke Bryan, whose July 16 show at Gillette Stadium looks wide open, the second of two Jason Aldean/Kid Rock concerts at Fenway (July 10), and Goulding at TD Garden.”

      2. Almost all of blake shelton’s are sold out even the fall dates I don’t think her concerts are going to be anyway near sold out

  4. I read one article stating that her opening tour date has only sold 30%. Ouch. I’m sure the bad press doesn’t give potential ticket buyers a whole lot of confidence either. Some might be scared of it canceling. It seems like she won’t though? Looks like full steam ahead since she is rehersing and shooting backdrop videos with Sophie.

    I know it’s beating a dead horse, but I can’t fathom why Gwen’s team thought she could sell 18,000 seat venues. 5,000 would have been more reasonable. This era was being handled so well up until the album was released, but shortly after that, things went wonky in my opinion.

    1. Sadly this really reminds me of the P&S era… It started promising, but once the album was out things went downhill fast. They even made the same mistakes: Bad single choices, promo slowing down for no reason etc.

      It’s crazy that it went from a #1 album and a gold single to a tour that is not selling and a single nobody cares about.

      Well, but it seems as if Gwen and Interscope don’t feel like doing anything about it, so I guess they will just go for it anyways.

      1. You and I are on the same page. After The Voice performance of Misery, things got weird. And before The Positive Police (just joking!!) come and scold us, it’s not just about charts. The timing of things has been weird. I think Gwen could still turn things around if she put out a solid 4th single with accompanying video to finish (or continue, whatever) the era on a high note.

  5. The same Boston Globe article includes a detailed explanation as to why this may be the case (not just for Gwen but for others artists), as follows:

    “So what’s the problem? In Boston at least, it’s likely the result of the larger-than-normal number of concerts this summer. Consider this: There are six more shows at the Xfinity Center than last year, 11 shows at Fenway Park, which is four more than ever before, and nine concerts at Gillette Stadium, including two by Guns N’ Roses. Add to that the many upcoming shows at TD Garden — Barbra Streisand, Drake, Adele, Pitbull, Demi Lovato, and Ellie Goulding — 40-plus shows at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion, a couple of high-profile performers at Worcester’s DCU Center — Sting/Peter Gabriel and Maroon 5 — and a handful of shows at Agganis Arena, including Twenty One Pilots, The Cure, and Halsey.

    The result of such a crowded concert calendar is that some artists are likely going to play to less-than-full houses.”

    So, there you have it. That’s good, fair reporting by the way (unlike that earlier NY Post article).

    Sounds like there’s a bumper glut of concerts on offer this summer competing for finite consumer dollars, and some artists who aren’t named Adele (or Madonna from last summer) might therefore logically suffer from slower than anticipated tickets sales. She still has more than a month to drum up interest in a variety of ways (radio interviews and press conferences among them). But considering country superstars like Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean (country is selling so well at the moment, and Aldean’s is even a double-bill with Kid Rock), and a HUGE very current hip young pop star like Ellie Goulding, are also experiencing slow sales, it appears at least that Gwen is in good company… 🙂 Let’s not forget that compared to all the above-named artists, Gwen is 46-years-old (unfortunately age is a factor in the youth-driven music industry, whether we care to admit it or not) who is coming back from a somewhat unprecedented 10 year-long absence between solo albums. I don’t think there’s anyone on tour this summer who is attempting anywhere near the sort of touring comeback Gwen’s attempting. Will her new fans be able to make up the difference in fans lost over those intervening 10 years? I guess we’ll see… Some points:

    1. I think because of her family situation, she could only perform a limited number of shows (28 shows is a modest number). If she chose smaller venues, she might not have been able to break even or generate sufficient profit based on that low a number of shows. The larger venues, even if they’re not selling out, offer her upside. Now she just has to do something about it and there’s time still to do just that. But remember, she doesn’t have to sell out every venue. She just needs to sell more than the cost difference between booking the larger venues compared to the smaller ones. That alone, at minimum, would validate the decision to go bigger. Once they’re somewhat in the break even or profit zone, then they can work on ramping up ticket giveaways (via radio, etc) or heavy discounting (Groupon, Goldstar, etc.). They can even afford to lose money on some shows, as long as the others make up for that, e.g. 10 sold-old shows could feasibly pay for a full 30-date tour (therefore, oddly enough, those 20 under-sold shows would actually represent profit for the tour as a whole).

    2. For all talk of slow sales, I looked at all of the venues listed on Ticketmaster and it’s true only NY and LA are sold out as of this moment. As reported in the NY Post, the other venues are showing blue, meaning tickets are still available in those blue seating areas. What the article failed to note though, is that there’s dark blue and light blue. All the areas for Gwen’s shows are currently showing as LIGHT blue, every single one of them that I saw. Dark blue = high availability, Light blue = limited availability, according to the legend on the Ticketmaster map. I Googled around a bit, and apparently the cutoff is 50% = if less than 50% tix have sold, then the area appears as dark blue, and vice versa. So, make of that what you will.

    3. Is Eve really the opening act? Or is she merely a “special guest” as billed, who will appear just to perform LMBYB and RG with Gwen (plus maybe fill in for Fetty Wap on A4I?)? I like Eve, she’s cool and a totally awesome rapper, but truthfully as an opening act, she adds precious little to the draw. Compare this to Coldplay, who in Alessia Cara, have added an artist to the bill who can on her own draw crowds of 5-10k. In a recent radio interview, Gwen seemed to suggest that Eve would be there to perform the songs they did together. So does that mean actual opening acts will be announced soon? Coldplay announced Alessia just last week. Gwen still has time to add to her bill and it can make a tremendous difference if she adds an act or acts who can draw say, 5k peeps to a show. She could even choose acts that have greater appeal in specific cities (like U2 did when they swapped in No Doubt for Garbage for their LA shows during the ATYCLB tour). As I said, there is time to spare to do this, and the first place for them to look at would be that rather extensive Interscope roster…

  6. Sorry but y’all sound like the prophets of gloom and doom. This all started with that NY Post article May 13, using the word ” horrifying “– then it was given life by the RanFans who still are running with it. People did not even have their summer schedules planned but that kind of a headline can kill ticket sales.
    They will not cancel as was said they are doing the backdrops and Gwen is very excited about this tour.
    Agree the size of the venues were ambitious and some of the pacing as to what and when things were released is somewhat questionable.
    Luke Bryan is the hot country artist right now and it is stunning that his sales are slow cause country music fans are very loyal and pack concerts.
    Gwen had a number one album on Billboard which is no small feat. Blake didn’t even accomplish that. She has a very strong brand right now and her and Blake’s brand together is off the charts!
    They are leading in the poll at Billboard right now as to who is the power couple in music…they are leading over Beyonce and Jay Z and others!! So please vote for them!
    I hope every one who posted about slow sales are doing their part to support Gwen even if you have to travel a bit. I live in Nashville and driving 5 plus hours to the Indy show. Would be interested to hear what city you live in and where you are seeing the concerts.

  7. You know what would sell out this tour withing a second? If they sent Blake on tour with Gwen. I know, many Gwen fans would probably not like this, but Blake has a massive and loyal fabase and the “Shefani” following is kind of a thing at the moment. It would make perfect sense… Blake has a new album out, they could perform their highly popular duet. Everybody would win.

    1. Shefani fandom is huge thing right now. The first place they should go is Brazil. They have a huge vocal fan base there…not sure how it all originated.
      Blake had a big thing in Nashville today…an exhibit opened at the Country Music Hall of Fame honoring him. He did a Q&A and an acoustic set there and a cocktail reception tonite. Gwen not there. I think their respective fans need to embrace them as a couple. I feel like hers pretty much have embraced him but not sure about his. Maybe she didn’t want to upstage him or maybe wasn’t sure how she would be received. I could be off base as to the reason but it was important event and too bad she missed it. Anyway, hope they would have welcomed her and that she didn’t have reservations about coming, cause seems like enough time has passed and time for their worlds to merge, imho.

      1. Brazil? Funny… the Shefani down here are teens that are into famous couples for being couples and not for their actual work. Sorry to say, but a Gwen or Blake concert here would not sell, even smaller venues. I’ve talked to some concert promoters and they all say it’s not worth. She charges too much and sells too little and aside from The Voice (airs on cable), Blake is an unknow artist down here.
        Would love to see Gwen return to Brazil, but that’s not realistic.

        1. True, Gwen and ND charge a gazillion, taking into account how much they sell outside the US, AND the fact that they haven’t toured outside the US since God knows when… (Rock Steady??)

  8. I think her tickets are cheap. Grass are like $ 28 and some seats were like $ 56 — how can you get cheaper than that? I’m thinking the prices must be different for various parts of the country…? Mine are in the Midwest.
    Gwen’s cd is 16.99 at at Target which is one of the most expensive ones there…but it does have the extra 4 songs. Other cd’s there are 10.99.

    1. You cannot compare US ticket prices to prices overseas, there are more costs involved and that will influence prices. Concert tickets for international artists are never cheap here. Floor usually sells for $300 and thd cheaper seas will be $180 and the most expensive can go up to $800 (our currency) and.that’s very expensive. For someone to book Gwen or ND in Brazil, needs to be festival shows, otherwise they will not sell.

      1. Just curious – are there any major music festivals being organized to coincide with the Olympics?

  9. Will someone explain to me how Megan Trainer can sell more concert tix in Toronto than Gwen Stefani ?..? I mean she has one cutesy song, zero stage presence and might be okay in a little off broadway show but how is this possible? If I were Gwen I would just cancel her Canadian shows if this is representative of how it’s going up there. No words.

    1. Uhm… Meghan is all over the radio and the charts these days. All her recent singles have been hits and she is super popular right now. Really no surprise that she sells more tickets than Gwen.

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