Gwen Opens Up About Heartbreak and the Future of No Doubt

Photo courtesy of FASHION (2015)
Photo courtesy of FASHION (2015)

In a new candid interview with Rolling Stone, Gwen opened up about how she’s still reeling from her painful divorce from Gavin Rossdale, bringing her music back on the road and the future of No Doubt.

Gwen says that she’s been “desperate” to make new music for quite some time. She said that once her “heart was ripped out, and, like, served back to [her] on a platter,” Gwen was able to channel her emotions into songs that would make up her new album which she calls “a miracle.” When asked how she’s preparing to take her solo material back on the road this summer, Gwen admits that she’s still “heartbroken” and “not in a different place yet”.

“You can’t have your family break up and still not be going through it a year later. I was just cleaning out a room in my house before I called you. It’s devastating.”

Gwen called her previous attempt at a new record (with Benny Blanco and company) a “fake record” saying that “it never felt right.”

When asked on what the future holds for No Doubt, Gwen honestly says she “doesn’t know what’s going to happen.” She continued by saying that she feels that they’ve “grown apart as far as what kind of music” they want to create together. She also admits that she was burnt out during the recording of Push and Shove and that the production “felt really conflicted”. Gwen says that it was huge disappointment that the album wasn’t received well for all the effort that went into it.

You worked so hard on the last No Doubt record, and it didn’t connect. Is that band over?

“I don’t know what’s going to happen with No Doubt. When Tony [Kanal] and I are connected creatively, it’s magic. But I think we’ve grown apart as far as what kind of music we want to make. I was really drained and burned out when we recorded that album [2012’s Push and Shove]. And I had a lot of guilt: “I have to do it.” That’s not the right setting to make music. There’s some really great writing on that record. But the production felt really conflicted. It was sad how we all waited that long to put something out and it didn’t get heard.”

Gwen was also asked if she had any resentment about Tony, Tom and Adrian’s new project with Davey Havok and she says that she feels no ill will at all. “Those are my homeys from when I was a little girl! I want them to be happy and do whatever they need to do to fulfill whatever creative place they need to fill.”

Tom had shared earlier in the week that the boys are back in the studio recording their debut album together with Davey.

On a personal note, this sensitive issue has been on the minds of many No Doubters and doesn’t come as a surprise to some. We respect Gwen, Tom, Tony and Adrian’s honesty with the issue and they continue to inspire us with their continued passions and projects outside of No Doubt. We’ll continue to have hope that the band will reunite in the near future to create something but it’s understandable at this time in their lives to focus on their families and what truly drives them as individuals.

We love this band so much and are excited to see what new and exciting projects are in store for all of us fans.

31 Replies to “Gwen Opens Up About Heartbreak and the Future of No Doubt”

  1. It’s sad to hear Gwen’s still so heartbroken etc, even though I understand why…

    It’s a shame about No Doubt really but the truth is people change, they were all just teens in a band, they hit the big time, lots of years went by, they’ve got a lot older, they’re into different music, the guys are going to get what they want with their new band and Gwen can continue with all the great opportunities that come along her way….
    They can still be friends & not be in No Doubt. I wish they would be in contact more though, Gwen takes all these great opportunities like any person would and I bet the guys are slightly negative about it really. They probably see her on The Voice etc & think this isn’t the girl we used to know but surely everyone’s going to change, especially after 25 years of being a big star. Gwen still manages to be so humble all the time though.

  2. Her statement regarding the band’s future was something we have pointed out for so long and we were called insane and/or haters by some fans. Sad to admit but I guess this is the end. 🙁

  3. She’s into pop and having a pop career which is pretty clear to me since the early 2000s.
    Good for her! She is not afraid to be honest and straight forward.

  4. I wrote this comment on forum but I would like to add it here too.

    I really wish they would just shoot a video (like when they did the announcement of Push and Shove’s releasing date) when the beginning of these things. Maybe when Gwen decided to make a solo record.(I know at first she was saying she is doing both solo and No Doubt record.). But at least when the guys decided to make a record with Davey Havok. and say something like: “Okey, we’re taking another break. We don’t know when will release another album, we didn’t think about it yet. But as you can understand, this is not the end of No Doubt. We will attend some festivals, concerts. Until the reunion part, Gwen is doing her own stuff and we will start a new band with this new guy.” I mean this is not so hard to do. It’s like a respect for your fans who are followed and supported for you for all these years, you know. I don’t think they acted disrespectful, but, I think we deserved such an explanation like that. Even a writing on would be OK.

    Anyways, I don’t think there is bad blood between them. I’m pretty sure they will stay as friends forever. And at this point, that’s all matters, I guess.

    Someone respond my comment as “they’ve already clarified their current situations. As we know, this band cannot make any official announcements because the fan base holds them to their word like an angry jury!” and tbh, he/she might be right, lol 😀

  5. I appreciate her honesty rather than the ok living in the moment and I don’t have any plans for the future generic response. I must admit I preferred Push and Shove over latest solo offering. I think it’s was so underrated. Lyrically, it was so much better. Truth was just all over lyrically. It could have been more polished. I dunno I rep for Gwen head to toe but it would have been nice to see them perform One More Summer and Easy once in person. That was my biggest regret during that era. I assumed they were goin to tour so I didn’t go to the Gibson shows. Anyways, maybe once they are able to pursue their own projects they ll find their way back to each other. It’s frustrating how she’s like I’m so ready to write songs and she is writing with anyone else but there band. They make the best songs together.

  6. 🙁

    It’s pretty evident to me that recording P&S was all over the place because that album is their weakest, imo. I appreciate her honesty about it. There are some really great songs though that I would have liked to hear live.

    Maybe she’s just wanting to explore new material and have fun with the songs she only got to play for a couple years. After doing the same songs with the same people for over 20 years, I’m sure her solo stuff feels like a breath of fresh air.

    I would rather them follow their own paths of inspiration than force another album out and have it sound like P&S. Even still, the band doesn’t feel “over” to me.

  7. Now I uderstand the radical and fast “change” of the band after The Return Of Saturn album. And now I understand the mainstream, poppish and overproduced sound of Rock Steady. It was all about Gwen and Gwen and Gwen, not ND as a band anymore, it was just Gwen getting more attention. So sad.

  8. In Gwens defense, they r under pressure from the record label to deliver a hit. At the moment, Rock is dead and i doubt they’d get any airplay if they came out with ska music today. Raising her kids in addition to all her business endeavors could be a little to much for Ms Stefani. Gone are the days, she can chill and have all the time in the world to write songs.

  9. I don’t think this is a surprise to most of us. It’s been clear for awhile now that she’s not close to the guys anymore. Most of us felt her guilt and saw the decline in quality of PAS (not that I didn’t enjoy the album – I did). That era was such a mess. Over 10 years ago Gwen had a taste of a solo career and I honestly think she loved it more than she will ever let on. It launched a whole different part of her career and she turned it into a successful brand. I don’t think ND will ever officially break up, but I don’t expect new music from them for a very long time (if ever). I imagine they will reunite every once in awhile to do some shows, but I don’t expect much more. Anyway, her honestly is quite painful for me since I miss ND so much and prefer them as a group vs. solo projects, but I appreciate her being candid about it.

    Anyway, it’s refreshing to her her talk about how difficult it still is in regards to her divorce. The tabloids already have her married and pregnant with Blake LOL You can’t spend 20 years with someone and move on within a year in my opinion.

  10. It’s such a shame because to me No Doubt music is a million times better than Gwen’s generic pop solo music.
    And why does she only mention Tony? She has also created many songs with Tom as well.
    Oh, and I still haven’t forgotten how she lied a couple of years ago saying she was working on both solo music and ND music, and then of course the boys clarified that that was not true.
    Oh Gwen, I used to love you. She has changed so much, she is not the girl I looked up to from No Doubt.
    I can’t relate to her fashion, or her solo songs, or anything else… At least we have some No Doubt albums to listen to over and over because it seems ND are dead, we won’t be hearing new music from them anymore.

  11. I can’t even read half of the comments here… this fanbase is so whiney and bitchy.

    What do you expect Gwen to do? Record a ska album with ND even though she doesn’t want to? Yeah that’d be so totally awsome for sure, because things always turn out great when they are forced and there is no passion…

    Damn, they started this band when they were kids and now they are almost 50! Of course they changed! It’s not Gwen’s fault that you are not into her solo music or her fashion. Just go and get some other artist to “look up to”. No matter what Gwen says or does, it will never be good enough for some of you, because obviously you can’t get over the fact that this isn’t 1997 anymore. If you hate RS and Gwen’s solo music so much then why do you still stick around? RS happened 15 years ago! Just move on already…

    I am sorry for my rude remarks, but this fanbase is the absolute worst… seriously…

    1. Did I say it was Gwen’s fault that I’m not into her fashion? Don’t put words in my mouth, please.
      Sheesh, for a moment I thought it was NDLOVER, I had to do a double take.

      1. Violet… did you read all comments? YYY is talking about several replies made to this post, not to you exclusively.

        1. Yes, I did read all the comments. I know, but he did mention two specific things I said in my original post, hence my reply to him.

      2. Right!?! I thought it was NdLOVER too! So funny. So YYY doesn’t want us to have opinions either. Great.

    2. I agree with most of your comment, does appear whiney by the fans and blaming Gwen. I’m glad the boys are doing their side project and making the music they want. And Gwens doing the same.

  12. Gwen as a solo artist is over. She don’t even makes good music anymore, it would be ok if she, at least, makes original music and not generic and basic stuff like TIWTTFL. I only listen to her last songs because she’s my idol, I respect her past ND days and I always have this feeling of “hoping” and “waiting” for new good music again from her or from ND, because I know she’s talented and has a lot of potential. Finally, we can say she sold out.

    If you people can’t see she’s a liar you have serious issues. Anyway, if I were Gwen I’d probably do the same thing, I mean, she needs money to raise her kids (she also needs money for her own projetcs). But honestly, ND should make a “last album” for all of us, the hardcore fans since the 90s, because we deserve it. We have been waiting for years and years and years for good music (not overproduced stuff like P&S they made for GWEN FANS and new teen fans).

  13. Rock Steady was a random 180degree turn after Return of Saturn, but that was a solid album. It looked like the band had a lot of fun writing in Jamaica and London, and they got to work with Prince! It also won them Grammys lol. That was a high point for everyone in the band, not just Gwen. It wasn’t all about her.

    (that happened when she went solo ha)

  14. Man that is really sad. What a bummer. I really hoped with this resurgence in wanting to write, she would want to get back in the studio with ND. I mean Gwen stated that she didn’t care the style of music, just that she wanted to write in her journal. I don’t really buy the whole wanting to make different types of music thing. I think things are more strained with them then they are letting on. When Gwen says she had a lot of guilt, I think there may have been pressure (possibly self imposed or from the band) to make money for the band. I also think that is why she did the summer tours last year. Recall, a lot of people saying it didn’t look like her heart was in the shows. Didn’t she mention something in an interview regarding the festival tour, that a lot of people depend on her financially? I don’t think the band is as close as they were even a year ago and they don’t talk a lot. Gwen didn’t know about the guys new band until a reporter mentioned it. I love No Doubt and Gwen. I hope they find their way back together. However, if they don’t make new music that is OK too. I don’t think they owe us anything. They have their own lives and families to tend to and we are a mass of unknown strangers to them. Rest in peach my favorite childhood band. I will always have bindis, red lips and my Just a Girl Shirt. *Sniff, Sniff*

      1. Yes Marion! I think thats the best attitude to have about the situation. We can’t be mad at the band or say they owe us. They’ve given us life changing music! We can’t be mad at them if its not forever.

  15. I totally understand that the idea of not getting new ND music anytime soon can be frustrating, but I just don’t understand why people exclusively blame Gwem for this? The band might as well have a mutual agreement on taking some time off like they had in 2003 after their singles tour.

    I also don’t understand how people are reading this whole bad blood thing into this? Did you forget that ND played about 10 shows just last year while Gwen was going through her divorce? I really don’t think that is something you do with people that you have issues with.

    I don’t get all this shock and drama here? None of the things Gwen says in that interview are new to us… and still people act as if she has just officially announced that the band broke up and hate each other.

    You are reading too much into all of this imho.

  16. Gwen bares it all, this Is, Really, what the #truth feels like. Honesty and Truth.

    I was listening to No Doubt on KROQ today and I was listening to Ex-Girlfriend and Spiderwebs, and thinking what such intricate vocals and production. No Doubt is and always be my favorite, but listening to them on KROQ made me fall all in love again with them. I hope that they can fall in love with music again, and bring some more of that magic!

  17. I guess it could frustrating hearing Gwen have a writing resurgence hearing her talk like at any given minute she could write a song and she’s writing a song with anyone else but the guys of No Doubt. Sure, it’s understandable that they want to pursue different sounds but why can’t we have a happy compromise rather a new guy n band all together.

  18. while P&S is a fair body of work… I don’t want or need another album that can’t stand next to there almost perfect catalog of music. I’ve said this before, I think the only way ND will really get back together is when Gwens star has dimmed and there kids get older… They’ll do a kind of reunion tour, release some new songs with an updated ‘greatest hits’….in less than 10years

  19. I am totally with Violet in everything she says except for ‘rest in peach’ LOL
    I just find it sad personally that in the twenty years of being a hardcore fan I’ve only been treated to THREE new albums. I remember crying with happiness when I first heard ‘New’, because I had been waiting for new music for three years. But waiting so long in between records obviously means you’re going to lose public interest, just look at how Return of Saturn and especially P&S have done. Had they kept the creative momentum going I’m sure No Doubt would be much more legendary like they deserve to be.
    Also sad that Gwen doesn’t seem to be so close to Tony anymore, they were best friends for so long.

  20. Though this isn’t something totally unexpected, it’s still really sad. I actually fell in love with ND after listening to Settle Down and I loved P&S. And then I listened to their old records and found out RoS is so good! So I really hoped ND will release more albums… But then Gwen went solo again, which is okay cuz I also love L.A.M.B. and part of TSE. However, TIWTTFL isn’t really as good as previous albums. It lacks creativity and sounds generic. I love Gwen so much and was looking forward to the album for so long but after the album came out I only listened to it for several times. Used to Love You is great tho.

    Besides, I think Tom really misses ND days. 🙁 But there is still hope maybe? Some bands go on hiatus for even 20+ years and put out new albums ( like mbv ). Garbage has a new album out and watching them perform really made me miss ND.

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