Gwen Once Considered For Miley Cyrus Track

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In a new interview with songwriter Sean Garrett (whom worked with Gwen on “Now That You Got It”), he revealed to MTV News that Gwen was considered to be asked to collaborate with Miley Cyrus on her new track “SMS (Bangerz)” (which features Britney Spears).

Garrett mentioned that Gwen was one of the first names to be brought up as a collaborator (as well as Nicki Minaj) saying because she “got that edge”. But will there be a remix coming soon that we can look forward to? MTV hints to it but Garrett wouldn’t commit or comment on it by not saying anything more than “yeah, yeah”.

MTV — When Miley Cyrus decided to collaborate with Britney Spears on her Bangerz album, the goal was bigger than merely pairing the new pop-queen with her idol. But as songwriter Sean Garrett tells MTV News, they had a few more ladies in mind for “SMS (Bangerz)”.

“SMS” stands for “strutting my stuff,” and on the 1980s hip-hop-inspired track, Miley and Britney do just that. Although singers like Gwen Stefani and Nicki Minaj didn’t make it to the track, maybe a remix is on the way.

“The first name that we tossed around was Gwen Sefani. We were talking about Gwen because you know Gwen got that edge too, but that’s how God works. We were throwing around those ideas,” Garrett said on Wednesday (October 9) about the song he helped pen with Mike Will Made It.

Still, Garrett wouldn’t all the way commit to the idea of a “SMS” remix featuring Miley, Britney, Gwen and Nicki. Instead, he just laughed and subtly championed the idea. “Yeah, yeah,” he said with a wide smile.

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29 Replies to “Gwen Once Considered For Miley Cyrus Track”

  1. I know this would have been good for Gwen, but thank goodness this didn’t happen. Gwen deserves better.

  2. You know at this point, I would be for it. At least Gwen would be doing something music related. It would be nice to have a new song with Gwen in it even if Miley wouldn’t exactly be our first choice.

  3. It could have been a huge opportunity for Gwen, and could have propelled ND back on the scene if done right.

  4. The fact that Gwen was the first person that came to mind for this collaboration shows that people still want to work with her (in addition to Martin Solvieg). The mind is baffled as to why things are they way they are right now.

  5. Too bad Gwen didn’t do it. I really hate reading about all those missed opportunities (like that Major Lazer song ND turned down). Say what you want about Miley, but she’s super successful, influential and has a huge following. EVERYBODY including Gwen should be happy to be working with her these days. Media coverage would’ve been insane and only God knows what could’ve happened, if that song was a single… Could’ve been Gwen’s biggest hit to date actually.

    I know she always says she is really picky when it comes to collaborations, but come on… she had everybody and their mother on her solo songs (Slim Thug??). Miley wouldn’t have been the worst person for her to collaborate with.

  6. Only if Gwen was out of her mind. lol Glad it didn’t happen. And let’s face it, that remix won’t happen. At this point I’m sure Gwen won’t want her name associated with her in the slightest.

  7. YeahYeahYeah, thank God Gwen isn’t that desperate. Last time I checked she’s still the legend here, not Miley who will be remember for her lack of class and good taste.

  8. I don’t think a collaboration with Miley would’ve been desperate at all. Britney is a legend too and nobody thinks she’s desperate for singing a few verses on a Miley song. Actually the blogs went crazy after the first rumours of their collaboration. For some reason people just love it when female popstars collaborate. I’m sure it would’ve been a good thing for Gwen.

    Miley isn’t some random newcomer. She has already achieved many things in the business and she is a huge star for a whole generation. Yeah some of her latest actions and her image are questionable, but ND/Gwen already worked with highly questionable people such as Bounty Killer, Akon and Busy Signal. Miley might be crazy, but at least she’s not a criminal. It would’ve been a great oppurtunity for Gwen.

  9. I agree, it wouldn’t have been desperate to collaborate. I never, ever thought I would say this, but I like a lot of the songs on Bangerz. And as for Bangerz itself, I think it’s going to be a huge hit. It would be smart for Gwen to get out there and start working with people again. It might also provide inspiration for a new era, songs, ect.

    Take a chance you stupid ho.

  10. I understand the points about Gwen not wanting to associate with Miley at the minute due to her crazy actions etc… BUT from a success point of view, it would’ve been great! The thing is though Gwen clearly doesn’t want to do these things! SERIOUSLY if Gwen wanted she could have a song with loads of people who are huge successes at the minute… Katy Perry in a flash, if she wanted she could’ve had this Miley job straight away.. In the UK Rita Ora is topping the charts all the time and Gwen is her biggest icon so in a flash she would’ve collaborated with Gwen… It’s Gwen that doesn’t want to be doing these guest appearance poppy things…. Gwen is happy where she is and isn’t bothered about having some massive chart successes! Though personally I do wish Gwen would because I’d love her to be back on top again!!!!

  11. Mixed feelings… I think working with Miley would make Gwen look so old… Miley could be her daughter! Gwen needs to work with someone big but of a different era, like, Rob Thomas or RHCP.

  12. Guys I think we should stop bashing Miley. We have to remember that she is experimenting and growing up in front of our eyes. We were ypung too and acted stupid no? The only difference was we were not celebrities and yioung child becoming adult in front of the tv. Remember Britney when she was so criticize? Now everybody is working with Britney. Maybe Gwen will work with Miley in a couple of years when she is all clear of who she is as an artist

  13. I agree Anthony. Gwen needs to collaborate with the same caliber of people, not some wannabes who are on the verge of porn.

  14. I seem to remember years ago Gwen stating that she didn’t want to be known as a side dish. That was after her massive hits with Moby and Eve. Maybe she still feels that way? Or maybe she just doesn’t like Miley. LOL Personally, I want Gwen to stay far, far away from the likes of Britney, Miley, Taylor and Katy.

    I also agree, that the age gap would be too much. I know Madonna did it with Britney, but I don’t know… I don’t want others to see it as Gwen “passing the torch” to one of those girls.

  15. For once I agree with you, Amanda! I know what you mean. Katy is actually talented and the news songs I’ve heard aren’t that bad. I don’t think Gwen would ever play the same role Madonna did with Britney tho. She’s still young. To be honest I’d rather see her collaborate with more relevant artists. She’s better than that,

  16. I remember Gwen saying that as well AMANDA G.
    They have complete different styles and I’m over the moon that it never happened.

  17. I’d love for Gwen or ND to work with Pink! With Tony’s past with her and the iHeart duet, I don’t get why this hasn’t happened yet!

  18. I remember an interview with gwen saying she doesn’t see herself in those girls (katy, lady gaga, rihanna…etc) because they are more in the sexual thing (i don’t remember if she said that exactly but it was kind of her perception)…soo i think she also wouldn’t see herself making a record with them and I hope that wouldn’t happen too…Gwen’s much better than that

  19. I still say it would have been nice if only for the fact that Gwen would of actually been doing something associated with music, as opposed to nail polish, Windows Phone and hair color commercials.

  20. I just want to hear Gwen’s voice singing on new music again, whatever it may be. She deserves to be out there. She is still a super star and one of a kind.

  21. No matte how much I’d love to hear some new stuff from Gwen, I am so glad she wasn’t involved with this and kind of hope she never is. I never though Miley was the … best of singers (to put it nicely), and the more stuff she puts out, the stronger my belief is. If Gwen comes out with anything new, I’d rather it be with the band or solo work. Working with someone like Miley, no matter the beat or subject matter behind it, I know I won’t like it. I can’t like anything with Miley even if I try.

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