Gwen On X Factor: “I Don’t Think So”

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Whew! We can all breathe a sigh of relief now. With the rumors swirling around that X Factor’s Simon Cowell was interested in having Gwen host backstage for the upcoming US season airing this Fall. Gwen nor her team have addressed the rumor (probably because it’s so silly) but during a quick interview with E! last night at The Heart Foundation Gala in Hollywood, when asked if she was going be involved, she laughed and said “I don’t think so”. We guess the $5 to $7 million contract wasn’t temping enough! Just kidding. Plus, we know how booked she will be for quite awhile with the new album coming out in the Fall. And in the past, Gwen has stated that she wouldn’t like to judge because she doesn’t like confrontations and giving advice. So the whole thing just didn’t add up. But it’s always great to have confirmation!

You can check out the really, really short video here. We chose not to embed it because it auto plays.

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