Gwen On Writing “Shine” For ‘Paddington’

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In a quick new interview with Bill Desowitz from the DGA Paddington reception last week, Gwen spoke about writing “Shine” with Pharrell Williams and how it turned out to be a great for the film.

During a meeting in Miami, she shares that was when work started on the track. After a screening of Paddington, Gwen wanted “Shine” to have an uplifting theme. She and Pharrell went back-and-forth over how to approach the lyrics, while she wanted to have more abstract lyrics, he wanted to go literal and “specific to the movie.” Gwen reflected on the lyrics saying, “… at first it felt weird (‘I wish I was a bear”), but then it actually made more sense for it not to have to be outside the movie. It’s a great song.”

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19 Replies to “Gwen On Writing “Shine” For ‘Paddington’”

  1. This is slightly off topic but I am starting to develop a collection of gwen stefani dolls and have almost all of them except the sweet escape harajuku girl, the comic con gwen (which seems impossible to find because only 100 were made) and these four dolls based off of the sweet escape tour costumes gwen wore.
    I am wondering if anyone knows anything about them, all I can find are a couple of pictures online. Was the collection ever released in stores? I can’t find them for sale anywhere and they are so pretty looking!

  2. Well Gwen says that she thinks the lyrics make sense, because the song won’t “have to be outside the movie”, so I guess that pretty mch says it won’t be released. We will probably have to wait for the DVD and then rip the audio to hear it in HQ. I don’t understand why they didn’t just include it on the soundtrack album?

  3. Kinda wish she stood her ground with Pharrell on this one… the song is so great but the lyrics are a bit twee!

  4. I think the lyrics are actually good and work perfectly fine in the context of the movie. Sometimes things have to be more direct to work out and connect to the target audience, in this case, the kids.

  5. I wish someone would be respectful and communicate with us fans. Just let us know if this song is going to be released it not. Is that too crazy of a request?

  6. @ Lisa, yes, I have all the Gwen dolls except the Comic Con One; no Harajuku girls (yet);

    These dolls were released when her solo albums were released.

    I know mine are still all boxed up; I bet they were offered online only.

    I actually think collectible toy retailers carried them.

    At this point, I bet ebay is the only way to find them!

    Good luck!

  7. @Amy interesting thanks for letting me know! Do you know what the names of those ones were? It might make it easier to find them. 🙂

  8. @ Doom I agree wish in general Gwen’s people would have a closer relationship with fans. But in this case in particular the one who needs to confirm its the TWC. Anyway I hope the movie B.O is good.

  9. @AMY, @LISA—-I remember the Gwen dolls being sold at Tower Records, Sam Goody, and Toys R us—–Sams actually had a whole Gwen display with all kinds of items, “OC Girl Bubble Gum”, “Bananas” belt buckles, stationary, all kinds of crazy Gwen accessories —Tower had them too but not as big of a selection. Now a days i would think ebay is the only place to get them. i also remember one doll being sold at the Sweet Escape tour also

  10. That’s the only doll I got, The Sweet Escape Tour one! I decided to not collect the dolls. Too many items were released at the time and I spent loads of cash lol But yeah collecting dolls would have been a bit OTT, especially considering that I’m a guy. xD

  11. Yeah I have those ones. I am assuming those four dolls in the link I posted were not officially released beause I can’t seem to find them anywhere.

  12. Lisa, I remember that some dolls were only on display for the Comic-con (?) and they were exclusive. And some of them had similar clothes but with other items. Maybe those were different versions that were never mass-produced. Back in 2007 I used to keep track on that stuff but it was a long time ago that I can’t remember and with the new forum all that info is gone.

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