Gwen on Writing Her Holiday Debut (Updated)

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In a new interview with Billboard, Gwen chatted about the writing and recording of her new album You Make It Feel Like Christmas and sharing that she’s always wanted to write a holiday themed LP but never found the time.

Gwen says that inspiration hit her for the project while out on a run on beau Blake Shelton’s property in Oklahoma. The article states that Gwen quickly came up with the melody and lyrics for closing track “Christmas Eve” and ended up recording it a few weeks later. She went on to say that the album “all came together quickly… like it was meant to be.”

Gwen opened up again about This Is What the Truth Feels Like saying that she was having a difficult time writing before and felt discouraged. “For years it felt like I was the dinosaur that [was] like, ‘I’m done now. I don’t want to write anymore, it’s not coming through,’ because writing is very magical.” Gwen felt the pressure when it came to her holiday album knowing that she would have to crank out new music quickly — which hasn’t always been easy for her. After a little soul searching, Gwen knew she was ready to release a holiday album and ended up writing six original songs in only three sessions.

Blake suggested that Gwen reach out to busbee and she says that she had an instant connection with the producer. “We just went in and wrote two songs probably within a half hour. It was just really easy and fun.” Justin Tranter also returned for the project with Gwen and helped her rekindle that spark in the studio.

When asked what’s different about writing and recording a holiday album, Gwen says that the pressure is off to stand out and it’s been one of her favorite projects to work on.

It’s one of my favorite projects because for this, I was like, “I’m not going to get in my own way.” It doesn’t have pressure on it. Whoever wants to listen will listen. It’s not like I’m trying to say, “Get this on the radio!” It’s just fun, and Christmas is a special time. Being part of music, you can have such an impact on people. I don’t think I ever was able to really admit that before, because it just seems arrogant to be like, “Oh, yeah, I’m part of your life,” but I’ve had so many people come to me and say that I am. It’s such an incredible feeling — it doesn’t get old.

Gwen credits producer Eric Valentine for his creative spin on her cover of Wham’s “Last Christmas” that appears on the album. “To me, that’s the most, of all the covers, that was really flipped. But yet, it still has the spirit of the original. Lyrically, that song speaks to me and things I’ve been through.” On a related note, fans also agree that “Last Christmas” is the best cover on the album which is currently taking the top spot in our poll.

Gwen also chatted with Entertainment Weekly about her new album and says that she loves being apart of the yearly Christmas tradition. “I really hope we hit on something that people want to hear every year. That would be the fantasy: to be Mariah Carey.”

On her new single “You Make It Feel Like Christmas”, Gwen describes it up-tempo and fun and calls it “almost like a No Doubt song with Blake on it.”

When asked if she plans on writing more in the near future, she reveals that she’s “not writing at all” but has been “fantasizing” about a new record lately. Gwen still gets excited when she finishes a song and calls the process addicting. We’re hoping she’s still bitten by the creative bug and finds inspiration soon!

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