Gwen on Upcoming Tour: “It’s Not Huge Sets, But It’s Huge Emotion”

Photo courtesy of LiveNation
Photo courtesy of LiveNation

Gwen opened up to Entertainment Weekly for a new interview in anticipation of her upcoming This Is What the Truth Feels Like tour kicking off tomorrow in Mansfield, Massachusetts.

The article shares that the majority of her set list will be from her new album (which fans got a taste of in San Diego this past weekend) but she vows to play all of her hits from her previous two. “I’m definitely going to play every single. I don’t care about myself, I want people to come and get what they deserve!”

Gwen also says that this tour will be scaled down compared to her past two extravagant tours, Harajuku Lovers Live in 2005 and The Sweet Escape in 2007. “It’s not huge sets, but huge emotion.” She continues by saying that her life at this point doesn’t feel like a “big production.” “I wanted to do something that is reflective of the story. I want these songs just to be sung.” Gwen also says this tour is important for her mentally and physically saying, “I have not had a great five years, but I feel like I’m getting myself back to the place I want to be.”

Fans can look forward to a lot of intimate and creative backdrop videos throughout the show which Gwen collaborated on with Sophie Muller. In earlier interviews, Gwen shared that the pair filmed together all over the country and calls them all “mini-movies.” “The feelings of the songs come alive with whatever is on screen.”

Gwen also teamed with her stylists Rob and Mariel and admits that she’s been pretty hands-off with her style. “I used to put so much pressure on myself to be involved,” she shares. For the upcoming tour, Gwen says, “the costumes are ornate and sparkly, yet have a relaxed, masculine vibe.”

She worked closely with a choreographer Fatima Robinson for the first time for the tour and will be joined by eight dancers throughout the show. Gwen says that she’s been “blown away” by how she’s interpreted her feelings into motion.

14 Replies to “Gwen on Upcoming Tour: “It’s Not Huge Sets, But It’s Huge Emotion””

  1. Now I am sad I missed the previous tours… I had a feeling this would be more like a Toni Braxton performance. As long as I get to hear Youre My Favorite I will be good!

  2. Kind of sounds like a ND show… No surprise that the production is low key… I can’t wait to see the setlist!

  3. Eve!!! LMBYM and Rich Girl back to back! Then, Hella Good, wtf, lol. ND purists gonna be mad but the crowd going bonkers! Great crowd btw, pretty much packed and pumped. OMFG, Rare… !!!

  4. Haha I have a lot to say so I can’t wait for the official post. I was definitely disappointed though.

  5. it wasn’t a fully packed show. Look on PerezHilton for a video of the venue during Where Would I be? I feel so bad. Why go on with the tour with no ticket sales.

    1. Well, going by the live stream, it looked “pretty” packed to me and there were tons of crowd shots before and during the show (must have been camera magic), but nobody said “fully” packed. I’m sure if someone or other was intent on shooting “empty venue” footage, that person could walk around the sides or back of the venue and find something to shoot. A few days ago, the Live Nation sales map for Boston showed about 60+% tickets sold. So when you say “no ticket sales”, is that hyperbole on your part? Have to remember these are large 20,000 capacity amphitheaters. Demi Lovato + Nick Jonas + Mike Posner (triple-bill) are trying to fill the same sized venues and have already had to cancel a show (at the same venue Gwen will be at next). Rihanna is filling 80-90% of 10,000-15,000 capacity venues on average for her Anti Tour. Now if Gwen fills 50% for each of her venues, that’s still 10,000 tickets sold (= Rihanna numbers), which is about as much as many of the venues during her own last solo tour (TSE Tour). That’s 10,000 fans per stop that she’s connecting or reconnecting with, so would you rather she not? In the recent EW article, she says she’s trying to fight her way back up the crazy mountain she’d fallen off of. She got to the top of that mountain in the first place on the back of sweat and tears on the road, all that relentless touring in the early days. That’s her bread and butter and how she made her name. She’s trying to do the same again by reaching out to music lovers on the road. So “fully” packed or not, this is something she simply needs in order do to rebuild her fan base. She’s knows that, so don’t feel bad about it. Never mind that she clearly loves performing live and is most in her element doing just that. She’ll play her heart out to whoever shows up however so many. I honestly don’t think the crowd sizes are going to bother her as much as they do you. Even at half full for these venues, 10,000 is still a lot of people and a lot of tickets sold.

    2. I don’t see what the big deal is. I figured people in the back would get the opportunity to move closer whether the show was streamed or not. It’s not always the size of the crowd, but how much energy they have and that crowd looked pretty happy!

    3. Who cares if it’s not sold out? I was there and there were plenty of people there. I’d say at least 10k. If that’s not enough interest to have a show, I don’t know what would be…

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