Gwen on the Future of RTW Collections and New Music

Photo courtesy of Revlon

In a new interview with WWD, Gwen shared her excitement on her new partnership with Revlon cosmetics and also shed some light on the future of her clothing brands and new music.

When asked if future RTW collections or seasons are in the works for L.A.M.B., Gwen says that she is focusing on accessories and capsule collections that are more readily accessible to everyone, specifically her popular eyewear lines and Burton collaborations. “Rtw doesn’t reach everyone, whereas when I do things through my brand that are accessories or now with the eyewear, it’s so fun to be able to reach everyone… It feels so good to not exclude people.”

Many fans had been wondering about the future of L.A.M.B. due to the official online retail store being discontinued and that the brand hadn’t released a RTW collection since Fall 2015 (and DWP since Fall 2014 for that matter). Thankfully the article implies that Gwen isn’t ruling out future seasons though and shares that she is “working on a potential rtw collaboration” but states that it’s too early to say anything.

In regards to new music, WWD says that Gwen was hesitant to talk about it even though she seemed to be buzzing off a high from her summer tour. “I don’t know if I’m going to do new music, I’m definitely at the end of a chapter.” She continued by saying that after wrapping up her tour, she went straight into tapings for The Voice, which she will continue into late spring. “… I’m doing the stuff in my fashion, but I have some dreams inside me and I know that I have some stuff brewing so we’ll see.”

While we’re sure most of us are pulling for new music in the near future, Gwen made it pretty clear that she plans to focus on The Voice and fashion for the time being. We remain optimistic, appreciate her honesty and wish her continued success with her endeavors in the new year.

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