Preview: Gwen On The Cover Of Canada’s Fashion Magazine

(Click here for a better quality photo, but smaller)

How exciting! It’s been revealed that Gwen will be on the cover of Canadian’s Fashion magazine for the November 2011 issue. The magazine hits newsstands on October 10 and features a stunning outtake from Gwen’s L’Oreal shoot that was taken earlier this year. We hope to have the full article and scans up on BSO in the next few days or so, and if you are able to get a hold of the magazine, let us know! I haven’t seen this magazine before in the states, but US fans might be able to pick it up at Barnes & Nobles, etc. We do have a couple previews from the magazine below!

The editor of the magazine states that it was a dream come true to have Gwen on the magazine, and she was interviewed while in Cannes.

Fashion Magazine — Renaissance woman Gwen Stefani spends little time basking in past glories—she’s too busy preparing for the next one.

Cover Sell — The November issue of Fashion features cover girl, Gwen Stefani. A total of nine “entry points” give consumers lots of reasons to make an impulse connection. The white background is strong. The benefits are numerous. The fun factor is obvious.

Editor-in-Chief Bernadette Morra had this to say:

“I have been after Gwen Stefani for a Fashion cover ever since I arrived at this magazine more than two years ago. I think Gwen is a perfect Fashion cover girl – a glamourous mom, talented performer and fashion devotee. My dream finally came true last spring when our beauty editor Sarah Daniel flew to Cannes to interview Gwen during the Cannes Film Festival. The cover photo was also taken in Cannes.”

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