Gwen On "Stand And Deliver": "This Song Is Perfect For Me"

No Doubt & Gwen Stefani

So gave a couple of new cute quotes this morning from Gwen on how she thinks the lyrics to “Stand and Deliver” are perfect for her. This was taken out the same interview the band gave with the newspaper last week, but it looks like a lot was left out! I hope we get to read some more of it, sounds like a good one.

Yes, that’s Gwen Stefani hollerin’ back on your TV, and no, it’s not five years ago. No doubt about it, No Doubt has been resurrected and the resilient punk/rock band is coming at us full-force. The Grammy-winning group, with Stefani as lead singer, is now on a 49-city tour; they popped up on Today last week and on American Idol Wednesday night. But the group’s actual reunion came two months ago, when they got together for the first time in years to record and perform a new cover of Adam and the Ants’ Stand and Deliver for this Monday’s special Gossip Girl episode on the CW. “The whole thing happened on a whim, but when I read Stand and Deliver’s lyrics, I was like, ‘Oh my God, this song is really perfect for me,’” says Stefani of the fashionable ’80s tune.

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