Gwen on “Spark The Fire” and Perfecting Her Rap Flow


In a new interview with Elle magazine, Gwen talked about her super-fun music video for “Spark The Fire” (and those adorable emojis), what the single means to her and how she perfected her rap flow in the studio.

She mentions how producer Pharrell Williams has always been the track’s number one fan and says that he’s always looking for something new in her. Gwen and director Sophie Muller came up with the video’s concept and she also collaborated with the animators from her upcoming Harajuku Lovers cartoon for the animations and emojis. She wanted to use the text-driven icons to elaborate what she was saying with her lyrics in the video. “I wanted to create ones for the video that made sense for the lyrics, so there was an emoji made for every lyric that you could make one for. I feel like emojis were made for me.”

Gwen calls “Spark The Fire” a “defining moment in my life”. She says that Pharrell and herself kept discussing what was going on behind-the-scenes in her life and decided to put it all on paper. “The intro of the song really says it all and it talks about a really up-to-date statement of where I’m at, where I want to go, and how I feel about this time in my life. It’s interesting for me because I’m on a journey. I’ve gone through so many different phases of myself and now I’m in a new chapter.” Pharrell was the brains behind the rap-flow featured in the verses and shares that she came up with the chorus. Gwen admits that it was difficult for her getting the rhythm and timing and lyrics down but it eventually clicked for her. “It’s so fun when you get the rhythm of something and it’s really hard like that. It’s the same when like Prince—I’m not comparing myself to Prince—but I’m saying when Prince would take Wendy & Lisa and make these non-R&B singers sing R&B. I think that there’s something so interesting about that.”

Gwen says that she’s always admired Pharrell’s style and says that he’s “really hitting his stride.” She comments on how they both are attracted to similar things (she started L.A.M.B. and his group was N.E.R.D.) She finds the two of the gravitating towards the same styles and says, “There has always been so much synchronicity between us, and in our style as well. I definitely see some of his outfits and I wish that I could wear that.”

Gwen’s three boys are her biggest fans and she loves playing her new music for them to get their opinions. “I play everything for them and they tell me if they like it or not. They tell me, ‘You’ve got to write a good song that everyone is going to like.’ And I’m like, ‘Okay I’ll try.’ Even before I had them, all the kids know what is gong to be popular and what’s not.”

Photo courtesy of Elle.

3 Replies to “Gwen on “Spark The Fire” and Perfecting Her Rap Flow”

  1. She really is in a new much better chapter on her life, hope in the end all works for her in a positive way even if she doesn’t get the success all were hoping for. Pharrell should take her on his summer tour.

  2. Cute interview! I agree that the intro of the song totally describes where’s she’s at right now. Well, I really hope she keeps sparking the fire, now that she got the lighter! 😉

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