Gwen On-Set with Photographer Aladdin Ishmael

Famed photographer Aladdin Ishmael shared a photo with Gwen on-set of a “secret project” and she looks absolutely stunning! He hints at it being a shoot recently wrapped up and used the hashtags #amazinghumanbeing and #inspirational to describe Gwen. Ishmael has worked with Gwen previously on L.A.M.B. shoots and the “Make Me Like You” video so we’re excited to see what she has planned!

POPSUGAR reported previously that Gwen was set to shoot a new music video this week.

10 Replies to “Gwen On-Set with Photographer Aladdin Ishmael”

  1. For some reason i picture her looking like this for her Naughty video , maybe that was the video she did this week?

    1. OMG I just had the exact same thought! The costume looks vampish just like you would picture it to be. She looks stunning. Has to be Naughty video unless someone can think of what else she would do Naughty for…guess we would have heard if it’s Broadway.

      1. Maybe she is filming all her background videos she always has playing behind her at her concerts? For her upcoming tour

  2. If it’s naughty then I’ll be so confused cause they just confirmed misery as 3rd single and it’s being sent to radio soon.

  3. She looks incredible! I’m mesmerised and thrilled by how much this resembles her ’97 AMA’s look.

  4. She needs to send out two singles now. And no more whiny songs.

    Where would I be or asking 4 it should be next.

  5. Really missing out by not releasing the one with Fetty. Liked it from the start but even more now.

  6. I wonder if they are shooting a video for that duet with Blake… I guess chances aren’t too bad that it will be a real single since they are performing it on The Voice.

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