Gwen Appearing on ‘Good Morning America’ with Interview and Performance Apr. 4 (Updated)


Good Morning America aired their quick interview with Gwen where she spoke about how music saved her and how she bounced back from her painful split.

She shared that “Make Me Like You” was one of her favorite songs to write and had happened really quick. When asked what “Red Flag” is about, Gwen says, “What does it mean to you? I think that we all find that there are red flags that we ignore in our lives and so that one was one for me.”

Gwen also rocked the stage with another live performance of “Make Me Like You” for GMA.


Gwen stopped by the Good Morning America set this afternoon and pre-taped a new interview with host Lara Spencer and a live performance of “Make Me Like You” which are set to air this Monday morning, April 4, on ABC. Gwen also posed for photos with past tour mates Weezer and baseball’s Arizona Diamondbacks’ mascot. She looks adorable and we can’t wait to tune in on Monday!

Photos were shared ahead of her appearance being aired this Monday.

18 Replies to “Gwen Appearing on ‘Good Morning America’ with Interview and Performance Apr. 4 (Updated)”

    1. Make Me Like You hasn’t even been out for two months yet! And it’s still growing on radio. She shouldn’t move on until this song peaks on radio. She’ll probably release the third single (Misery?) next month if I had to guess.

  1. Hope she sings one of the other ones, there are so many good I never even skip thru. Her interview she was very open and honest and to hear her say she is still going thru it, the mourning the loss of her family unit as it was is impactful.
    We see her look so happy with Blake and think she is over all the other, but she is not.

  2. Lol at people wanting her to release a new single already. Gosh it’s only been 2 months since MMLY was released. Remember when artists would release a new single every 6 months in the 90s? xD
    I really think her performance on GMA was her best yet. Finally the song is starting to sound better live.

  3. I really like this performance and loved her outfit! Audience loved it.
    I thought she taped the Colbert Show in NYC? Anyone know if that was shown yet?

        1. TV Insider Article: James Corden Doesn’t Want Carpool Karaoke to Become Overexposed, March 29, 2016

          “Now, for us, it’s mostly about protecting it and not doing it too much,” Corden tells Time magazine. “We’ve only done 11. We could do one every week, if we wanted to, but we don’t. To stagger it so it always feels fresh. The two things we think are: They have to have enough hits, and there are so many brilliant artists who I’d love to ride around in a car with, but you have to have enough hits to ride around in a car for 10 or 12 minutes. And I have to be a fan. I have to go, ‘Oh my God.’ Because that’s part of the joyfulness of it, that this is someone I love and respect.”

          Elsewhere Corden has said he has a couple of new carpool karaoke sessions already lined up.

          1. And Iggy fell into that category? LOL So if Gwen did tape a segment, it will show up at any time I guess?

          2. To be fair according to reports nobody wanted to do it in the early going, I imagine they were fairly desperate with booking artists the first few months. Now that it is popular or viral, he is establishing the criteria going forward.

  4. Did any photos of her tapping the segment showed up online?
    We only have one person that confirmed he/she saw images of it… At this point, I’m thinking she did not tape the segment. Specially after the person that claimed she did, said he/she might have mistaken Iggy for Gwen.

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