Gwen on Returning to ‘The Voice’, Touring and Tom, Tony and Adrian’s New Project (Updated)

Gwen called in and spoke with K-Earth 101 for a new interview and discussed the “Make Me Like You” video, the boy’s side project outside of No Doubt, and possibly returning to the The Voice for season 11. Besides the obvious questions about her relationship with Blake and the tabloids, it’s a pretty good and candid interview.

Gwen called her music video for “Make Me Like You” one the most craziest things she’s ever worked on calling it a “live piece of art”. She calls this time “incredible” and feels grateful for all of the good things that have come her way this past year.

When asked how she’s been able to balance her life while raising three boys, Gwen says it’s impossible to say during a radio interview but is finding herself with more free time and keeping herself busy. “Everyday is a lot, and with the way things worked out, I actually have more time without them, unfortunately, so I guess I’m filling my time with art and work, and that’s a blessing I guess.”

Gwen shared that she’s not committed to another season of The Voice (which many hope she returns to in the fall for season 11). “I don’t have plans to be on The Voice next. They always keep it a big secret before they’re maybe going to ask me or not. And they haven’t asked me.” When asked if she would do it again, Gwen says, “I would totally 100% do it again if they asked me. I love that place, I love being on the show. It’s so inspiring.”

Gwen spoke about her new album saying that the first half was written in 8 weeks. “The making of this record was really fast”, and says that the last song written in the first batch was “Used To Love You”. Gwen says that she “went to another phase of writing” and wrote the rest of the album with different people and 5-6 new songs (meaning written in the last month) have made the final track listing of This Is What the Truth Feels Like. “The paint is still wet and it’s really different to put a record out like right in the middle of reality like right when it’s happening.” Gwen can’t say for sure if this is her favorite album she’s made but is head-over-heels with it. “It just feels so me right now”.

When asked if she plans on taking the album out on the road, she confirms that she doesn’t have a tour planed but is definitely wanting to play shows. She brings up again how difficult it would be planning something like that with her three boys but wants to head out for sure.

Gwen was quite candid when asked about Tony, Tom and Adrian’s new band with AFI lead singer Davey Havok. She came across as supportive and thinks it’s important for everyone “to do their own things.”

“I think those guys are just doing a creative project together, writing and doing different kinds of music — exactly the same thing that I’m doing right now. We’re kind of like, at this point, we’ve been together for life, and it’s like we’ve been through so much together. I think it’s really important for everybody to do their own things and have their own lives. As far as what I know, they’re just making a record for fun and exploring different kinds of music. I can imagine it’s going to be a lot more like ‘guy’ music — they’ve been in a band with a girl and they just want to do that tough, probably more punk rock stuff. I don’t even know what the music is going to be. I’m excited to hear!” Gwen was also asked about the boy’s new project on Jimmy Kimmel and said that she just recently heard the news online (possibly meaning she’s read “reports” of being “replaced” in No Doubt by Davey Havok). Tom, Tony and Adrian’s new unnamed band is already managed and are currently shopping around a completed album to labels.


Tom later shared on Instagram a screen capture from calling out reports that Gwen wasn’t aware of their plans saying, “Hey everybody, the press got this wrong again. We told Gwen last year about our new project. We’re all good, everybody is cool”.

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  1. Oh god!?!?? DidGwen know or not? This feels bad to me, hope all is well with the band mates. But Gwen was going through a lot last year… I’m excited to year what Tom,Tony and Adrian band will sound like. Cheers to everyone

  2. How did the press get it wrong when she SAID she learned about it on the Internet? This whole thing is bizarre. Their side project is not being handled well.

      1. Yeah, in this case, it was easy for fans and the press to misinterpret the “joke.” Oh well. Hopefully things will go smoothly from now on lol

  3. Guys, just rewatched the interview and she was talking about the rumor that she was being replaced as the lead singer of No Doubt, not that she didn’t know about the supergroup thing. Just rewatch it. It’s easy to get it wrong, but we misunderstood it.

    1. I get it but it’s understandable that people took it that way. I’m glad that the guys have been on top of shooting down the reports quickly.

      1. Yeah and at the beginning I took it the wrong way. But after rewatching it makes sense. Bad that the media is making a big deal out of this now. I hope Gwen can clear this up next time.

  4. Damage control. Lol If Gwen misspoke or was misinterpreted then she should throw out a quick statement on Twitter or FB to clear it up.

  5. Like I said on another post here, to me it sounded like she was joking(about her being replaced) when she said she heard about it on the internet, and turns out I was right….some fans were very quick to get mad at the guys though, wtf!

    1. Nobody “got mad” at the boys. Most were only concerned that they were on no speaking terms. I dont recall anyone here pointing fingers, only being really surprised by way things were presented in the media.

  6. Meanwhile, Make Me Like You continues to climb on iTunes, currently at #7!!!

  7. Hey party people, hope everyones been doing good.

    I do believe Gwen said that she heard online so the press would freak and get people talking about no doubt again. It was setup this way. The same way she mentioned them setting up the skater falling at the end of the video so people would talk about it, and they have been. They are just playing the game that you have to play this day and age to get people to talk about you again. I was told by someone in the ND fam, that Gwen going solo again will hopefully lead people back to no doubt. At least thats the plan, this is a part of that plan.

    Also lets please not talk about “respect” for No Doubt and its legacy. The last 15 years have not been very kind to no doubt fans and if there’s any person inside of no doubt that we’re pointing the finger at, it is absolutely not going to be Tom, Adrian or Tony.

    Positive vibes, One love,

  8. Anyway, back to this radio interview…it bums me out that she has more time without the kids than with them? At least, that’s the way it sounds?

    Her Sting story is awesome.

    OMG not only have the media gone nuts with the “side project” thing, but also her “two boyfriends” comment. Is that really that surprising? 7 years with Tony and nearly 20 years with Gavin. Most of her life right there LOL

    I was hoping for a U.S. tour, but it’s understandable if she doesn’t want to. Maybe if the album sells well she will change her mind…

    Her answer to the “ND” question in this interview was light-years better than the Kimmel one.

    1. I think Gavin has them most of the time under the custody agreement, the kids spend more time with him form now since she has multiple projects, or it was something she “gave” him in order to get a quick divorce, who knows… Guess now he’s all about being a stay home dad.

  9. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like Gwen is thinking about ND?? To hype up ND?? FOR WHEN???? Coooooommmmmmmeeeee onnnnnnnnn people! Lol I’m not gonna comment anymore, I don’t know how comfortable the seat of denial is but we’re all gonna ‘believe’ what we want

    1. Bob, IMHO, I think Gwen has moved on from being in the band. The thing that kinda let that out to me, was she lying (yes people, she LIED) to the press about a year ago, saying she was working on a new solo AND a new ND album at the same time, and stated that in different interviews. Then there was the whole thing with the Paddington song (not Pharrell’s fault, for sure), when ND was cut out of the picture. She does not seem invested in working on the band again, and that’s fine, it happens, people grow apart. AGAIN… this is my view on things, not a statement of true.

      1. I feel like she relates more to her Voice family at this point in her life. I mean, she gushes about all of them like she used to about Adrian, Tony and Tom. I think the guys are still special to her, but I am doubtful they are apart of her daily life anymore. I have felt that way for awhile. I think they will always reunite to do some shows and maybe we will get one more album out of them, but I think her commitment to the band ended a long time ago. And to be clear, I’m not necessarily “blaming” Gwen for this. It could be the guys fault too. People change, people grow apart…it happens.

  10. I doubt Gwen would give Gavin full custody. I mean after all that happened between them and I don’t see her as the kind of Mom to not want to parent.“Everyday is a lot, and with the way things worked out, I actually have more time without them, unfortunately, so I guess I’m filling my time with art and work, and that’s a blessing I guess.” I think when she said “I have more time without them”, she meant she just has more free time in general. Not I have more time without them , then with them. I would assume her and Gavin have joint 50/50 custody since they live in the same city and although he turned out to be a shitty husband, in the eyes of the court he was a good father.

    1. Marion, I never said it was full custody. It’s clear that it was 50/50 and Gavin has them now cause of her schedule (new album coming out).

  11. Right, sorry if I took your post out of context Cynthia. I when you said ” something Gwen gave him for a quick divorce” I thought you meant she gave him full custody, my bad. True, custody agreements usually end with the mom getting custody and the Dad visitation. However, it is becoming increasingly common for fathers to get joint custody. Men, in general, are wanting to co-parent. Judges usually award custody on what is best for the children, so a more involved parent would most likely get more parental rights then a hands off parent.

  12. In a weird way I’m sort of more interested in the guy’s new album (hopefully we get one!) than I am Gwen’s. This is only based on the style of music – I’m more into alt. rock than I am pop and Tony is such a talented writer. I respect Gwen is loving her new element, I’m just not crazy about the writers she’s been working with. I haven’t been wowed. If the boys want to do something heavier and more rock driven I’m on board. I just hope AFI guy is cool… I don’t know much about him.

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