Gwen on Pharrell: “We Have a Sort of Unspoken Connection”


In a new article on Pharrell Williams featured in The Wall Street Journal, Gwen explains her “unspoken” and “nerd connection” to him over the years.

Gwen praises him by saying that Pharrell does something “so rare, which is hip-hop with an injection with rock”. She loves that he brings something positive and is never negative and “not aggressive”. She says that they have always had this “unspoken connection” in both style, culture and fashion, especially while drawing from Japanese inspirations.

The article also mentions that Gwen’s son Kingston is a huge fan of Pharrell’s music, especially “Happy”. Gwen says that Kingston has requested to be in his next music video. Too cute!

Gwen has been photographed recently back in the studio again with Pharrell supposedly working on new music for an upcoming solo release.

“He does something so rare, which is hip-hop with an injection of rock,” she explains. “But it’s not aggressive. It all seems driven from this positive place. He just doesn’t go negative. We have a sort of unspoken connection in that we both love Japan and Japanese style and culture and fashion. And I think we also have this nerd connection.”

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8 Replies to “Gwen on Pharrell: “We Have a Sort of Unspoken Connection””

  1. They’re sistas! 😛 Joking! But yeah I’ve always felt that special connection between them. Can’t wait for more magic to happen soon.

    1. Nope. But he wants to be in his next one. Maybe if Gwen releases a song with Pharrell, I can see Kingston making a cameo appearance.

  2. I find them both so cute, I love how they rave about each other. I have thought in the past, if things were different, imagine if they had gotten together.. though I just dismiss it and think surely it’s just an adoration like that of best friends and they have this connection and understanding but it’s purely just on a creative level and on a level of great friendship.

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