Gwen on No Doubt Touring and New Sia-Penned Song “Start A War”


In another new interview with SPIN magazine, Gwen discusses more about No Doubt’s recent studio sessions and how she doesn’t think the band will be touring in the near future. She also reveals another new song title that she has worked on with Sia, “Start A War”.

When asked what it’s like to be playing new material live for No Doubt fans, she says that it’s still surreal for her to be onstage with the boys because they still have the same chemistry that they’ve always had after all these years. “It really feels like we’re being transported to a place where no time has passed. It’s a great feeling and it’s something that I’ll never be able to get anywhere else but right there with [those guys].” Gwen says that even though the band is scheduled for a few festival shows this upcoming summer, she doesn’t see the band touring soon (due to school schedules) but says it would be easy to get together if something came up. “I don’t think we’re planning on touring, because I don’t feel comfortable what with all the kids in school right now, but if any shows come up that feel right, it only takes a minute to get things going again.”

She talks about No Doubt’s recent studio session last year and discusses how they wrapped up their work after getting pregnant with third son Apollo. She says it was a good thing because she was able to “cocoon and blossom” herself for the next chapter. “… We were in the studio experimenting with a lot of different people. It was OK; there were certain times when we were so great, and there were other times where it felt like so much effort, so it was good timing to say, “Let’s take a break on this.” Gwen says that their last session felt like a struggle and wasn’t coming naturally for them.

Gwen wasn’t expecting to put out another solo album but knew it was the right thing to do while being on The Voice. “Something new had to happen, and there was no way to do a No Doubt record in that short amount of time, because the way we write, it takes a long time.”

She has since worked with several hit makers such as Benny Blanco and Charli XCX. On working with Charli, Gwen says that they technically never worked together, but both wrote with Blanco separately on the same track. Gwen contacted her by email and says that she loves her style the most out of everyone out there right now. “I think that she comes up with really good melodies. I feel really lucky to work with her in the weird way that we did. It’d be interesting to actually be in the studio with her. I’d be intimidated.”

Gwen says that she would love to collaborate with Coldplay’s Chris Martin in the future. “I’ve tried to get him to work with me for ten years, so maybe he’ll do it this time.” She also confirms more work with Calvin Harris for her record. A new song on the way is titled “Start A War” that was written with Sia and Pharrell Williams (it’s not clear whether she’s referring to her album or No Doubt’s). “I think that girls are gonna love that one. I’m gonna definitely go back in with Pharrell, and I know that I want to work with Diplo. There’s so many people!” Gwen was back in the studio with Pharrell this past week and Diplo has confirmed to have written new music for Gwen, too. She says that some of her best work has come from collaborating with others.

She admits to feeling a little overwhelmed with all the things happening in her life. “At first I was like, “Oh, I’ll just put out a record! Let’s do it!” But now I’m like, “Wait a minute.” I feel like I was getting rushed by doing the show and trying to put the record out and having a new baby and doing No Doubt shows. It was just a lot to handle at one time, so I’m still working on the music and I think the only way to do it right now, with everything going on in my life, is to collaborate.” After this album, she sees herself going back to work with No Doubt. “I feel like I’m in a time period where I can’t predict what’s gonna happen. I feel really happy to have something new out.” She finds it a little scary now since her projects are so easily accessible now and everyone has their own opinions about it.

SPIN also shared a couple of behind-the-scenes photos from Gwen’s latest video for “Spark The Fire”.



Photos courtesy of SPIN.

16 Replies to “Gwen on No Doubt Touring and New Sia-Penned Song “Start A War””

  1. A collaboration between Gwen and Chris Martin, I think that would be incredible! I’m so much into Coldplay’s last album. they need an anthemic kind of song.

  2. Also, I’m glad she’s wanting to take time to get the album right – but I hope the Gwen news onslaught doesn’t die down! She sounds like maybe she’s wanting to pull back from the hecticness of her 360 deal.

  3. @Bradley, the song featured on the Paddingtons soundtrack is called “Shine”. And that they don’t know if it’s actually a ND song or Gwen’s solo song.

  4. ^ Yeah we know, but every article refers to the song as a Pharrell/Gwen collab. and there’s no mention of No Doubt at all. So we’re all wondering if they reworked the song for the movie.

  5. I can tell you for 100% that the song for Paddington is NOT a no doubt song. It was supposed to be and started out that way but it ended up as only gwen. no doubt is sadly not a part of it.

    sad that gwen said there is no no doubt tour. there was supposed to be. I was part of it. I’ve been involved with the bands crew for over 15 years and was around the world with them. imho, gwen seems to have moved on and kicked her long time friends, managers, and bandmates to the curb. i never thought she was the type of person to do that, but i think over the next few months you’ll find out she has officially “moved on.”

    she is following the $$$ rather than following her heart. sad to see the commercializatoin of gwen.

  6. I like that she’s taking her time and stop the madness that first she tought she could handle. I feel good she’s taking control and enjoying herself. Also that school excuse for not touring is BS

  7. I think it’s ridiculous when Gwen gets the blame for stuff just because she’s the one in the limelight…. what about every other band member and their families, would they want them touring and all the children’s school routines being messaged up? To me that’s a bigger deal to some people than just touring again when at the end of the day, they’ve done it so many times over the years, it’s not like they’re all desperate to do it constantly… it’s an awful lot of effort really and not as simple as putting a few shows on to make some fans happy…

  8. Peaople are gonna say that: Start the War is just like Start the Fire … Who cares! I love it! At first, I thought it read Star Wars!

    1. “Start a War” is quite different than “Start The Fire”. Why do people get so upset with similar titles? I don’t get it. Same with “Spark The Fire”. It sounds nothing alike, even lyrically it’s different.

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