Gwen on No Doubt Reuniting: “We Don’t Have Any Plans at This Time”

In a new interview this morning with San Francisco’s NBC Bay Area, Gwen was asked about a possible reunion with No Doubt in the near future and said that she feels the band already did and it ranks as one of her favorite tours. She confirms that the band doesn’t “have any plans at this time” and expressed how everyone is focused on living in the moment, which is DREAMCAR for Tom, Tony and Adrian.

You can check out a clip of the interview above with her discussing No Doubt and we’ve transcribed her quote below if you’re not able to check out the video. We hope to see more from the interview for context purposes and Gwen seems to have done quite a few interviews with local TV stations in anticipation of her upcoming NBC special. Thanks to Rebecca Alpert for sharing the clip and you can see a few more on her Twitter feed.

“… I feel like we did a No Doubt reunion and we went on tour and it was like a magical, magical tour — probably one of my favorite tours I’ve ever done. Now [Tom, Tony and Adrian] are in DREAMCAR — they’re living their dream of that kind of music and I’m doing this. These days we kind of live in the moment. Things just kind of come when and if they’re supposed to come or not. We don’t have any plans at this time. But I’m happy to see them go out and be on tour together and live their dream — all guys in a band.”

Tom confirmed with fans on Twitter that there were no plans for 2018 for either No Doubt or DREAMCAR but we’re hoping something is in the pipeline and will be announced in the near future. We’ll always remain optimistic and we’re excited for whatever our favorite band has planned.

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      1. I thought so, too, but she’s mentioned several times how much the 2009 tour was a struggle for her — even in her new ‘Marie Claire’ interview. She could also be referring to the festival dates ND did in 2015.

        1. Yes that’s why I asked. And the festival dates she has said they were so intense because of what she was going through.
          But I remember like it was yesterday thinking that 2009 was huge, like a reunion.. I went to a few shows and brought my young nieces to one, their first concert experience.

  1. It’s quite interesting because she told the 2009 tour was one of her favourite tours ever during Push and Shove era, but she also said it was a struggle for her as you said… Anyways, its clear that, here she is talking about the performances that she did with No Doubt after the reunion, I guess.

  2. That’s something I really don’t understand cause I remember she mentioned SO many times the 2009 tour was HER ideia in order to get inspired. I was a bit confused when she said in the interview with Howard it was the guys and her manager who wanted her to do it, like they’d forced her to do it or something.

  3. I think the point she meant in the ones she said it was hard for her is that she felt an emotional pressure to do it. She wasn’t able to write and needed to get inspired and she didn’t want to disappoint the guys (so she came with the tour idea? – or Interscope/the guys suggested that to her? -that part is really confusing, lol.) , that was the pressure she meant I think. The pressure was coming from her own instincts, i belive. At least that’s what I understood, lol.

  4. I felt like she just threw “it was one of my favorites” in there to sugar coat the reality which is she is over ND and probably gets tired of repeating “I’m over it”. This Xmas era is pleasant enough but it’s astonishing to me that she is musically so far removed from her past. Everything she says (or doesn’t say) at that point further convinces me ND is done. She seems much happier “living in the moment” (apart from the boys).

    I noticed she said a couple times “they’re living their dream”. I wonder if that’s the truth? It always seemed to me that ND was the dream- but maybe there’s something else there?

    1. I like how she adds “all guys in the band” as if the guys were never happy with her… she is just annoying at this point.

  5. Praying for a future No Doubt show. Some of the younger fans like myself have yet to see one in person. That would be such an honour to attend. No Doubt is legendary.

  6. I think they will get back together SOME day but I wouldn’t count on it happening within 5 years.

    Like someone said, it’s obvious gwen is over it at this point and she’s clearly never been nostalgic. I don’t think we should be mad at her for that.

  7. There are no plans for No Doubt to re-unite since she is already playing all the No Doubt songs she wants with out the boys, with out their approval, and that’s the problem. So sad 🙁

    1. Oh, c’mon, Robin, sorry but that’s a lot of complete and utter baloney. She hasn’t been playing ALL the No Doubt songs she wants, only a mere handful. Even if you’ve a point to make, you don’t have to exaggerate things to make that point. Also, she doesn’t need the boys’ approval to play those select songs because she’s credited as co-principle songwriter (i.e. min. of 50% songwriting credit, for example: “Don’t Speak” was written by Gwen and Eric Stefani, “UIA” by Gwen and Dave Stewart, matter of fact “IML” wasn’t even written by No Doubt, and for “JAG”, Gwen wrote the melody/lyrics for the entire song, with Tom [co-credited] contributing that monster guitar riff… I could go on…). But more importantly, the boys have acknowledged her right to play those songs, and they DON’T have any real problem with it (though I’d imagine their pride, as musicians, might be a little hurt, with “imagine” being the operative word). Just because some fans have a problem with it, and/or are sad over it (as is your right), doesn’t mean the boys share that same level of self-inflicted angst. If anything, her playing those few songs may very well have introduced No Doubt to a whole new younger generation of fans (she has said in TIWTTFL tour interviews that her intention was to expose her fans to the entire breadth of her career, since she wasn’t sure if she’d ever tour on that scale again, i.e. she was treating it as a sort of career-retrospective tour). Also as important is that the boys seem to be genuinely enjoying their stint as DREAMCAR! (And personally, I am enjoying that too.) For the first time, they don’t have to be mere musical cohorts (though I consider them to be so much more than that) to the telling of HER story. They can now freely express their own voices in the lyrics of these fabulous new songs. They finally have the opportunity to stand on their own worth. Can you imagine the relief and release?

      Let us, as true fans, let Gwen and the boys just BE, and let them do whatever it is they want to at this moment in time. If their plans don’t include No Doubt at present, so be it. I want a No Doubt reunion as much as anyone here, but I can’t simply demand it (and moaning about it doesn’t help much either, imho). In the bloody meantime, it’s not like they’ve given us nothing. Collectively, we’ve had THREE major projects resulting in ACTUAL album releases, TWO tours thus far, and countless radio and TV appearances by both Gwen and the boys. If this had been a No Doubt era, they’d probably still be in the writing stages of an as yet unnamed album with no firm release date, LOL. Which is still what I hope for sometime down the road, except that I’m realistic about what that entails. It’ll happen, but it’ll be on their own terms, not ours. Everything in time.

  8. Her version of “reunion” tour was performing No Doubt songs without the guys… because as far as I can remember, there was zero reunion tour.

    1. Yeah, yeah, let’s all play the blame game again. I remember back when Gwen first found out about the boys forming a new band on Kimmel, and a lot of posters here jumped on the guys for that. I defended the boys at the time, and as an equal opportunist, I’ll defend Gwen here. The first part of your comment is frankly ridiculous (and I suspect you know that, hence the quotation marks), or wait, was that a some kind of stab at sarcasm? Maybe you missed this (or cannot remember), but she stated repeatedly at the time that the reason she wanted to perform those songs was that she wasn’t sure if she’d ever tour on that scale again, or reach out to that many fans. So, she wanted to treat those fans to a career retrospective of sorts. Over a year later, and you’d still begrudge her that? Even if you still don’t appreciate the reasoning and sentiment behind her decision, many fans who attended did, and in fact many of the younger fans were exposed to a taste of the greatness that is No Doubt for the first time in the young lives. I’m sure more than a few of them downloaded No Doubt for the first time too. That’s a good thing in my book.

      And as for not remembering … Summer 2015 wasn’t that long ago, but let me refresh your memory:

      Now, granted it wasn’t called a “reunion” tour at the time, but it’s far more likely that looking back in hindsight she now considers that summer as a reunion of sorts… not definitive of course, but I reckon far more likely than your preposterous/facetious insinuation, don’t you think? Perhaps, rather than speculate needlessly, someone should simply ask her on Twitter, or Instagram etc., to clarify what tour she meant? In any case, for me, that Billboard interview from 2015 (link above) still sheds more light on the situation than anything that’s been said by anyone since. Please read it, if you care.

  9. She was just spotted wearing a No Doubt t shirt not long ago so she clearly is not over it. She has said what she was going thru was a solo journey and she had to write about that and it was highly personal.

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