Gwen Says It “Would Be Amazing” To Have No Doubt On The Voice


Access Hollywood has shared a few new excerpts from Gwen’s recent interview with them from The Voice set.

In an article shared, when asked if No Doubt would ever be featured on the program with her, Gwen said “that would be amazing” saying it would be “really cool because I think that it’s a whole other part of who I am and being in that band for since [I’m] a teenager, it would be really great to have them come on the show.”

Gwen also talked about meeting former Voice coach Shakira for the first time during her live appearance on the show back in May while performing “Hollaback Girl”.

Access Hollywood — Gwen Stefani will take the reins as the solo female coach on “The Voice” for Season 7.

Did the No Doubt singer get any advice on how to handle Blake Shelton and Adam Levine from her predecessors, Christina Aguilera or Shakira?

“Shakira I didn’t really get to talk to,” Gwen told Access Hollywood’s Liz Hernandez in an exclusive new interview, adding that she only met the “Empire” singer briefly. “I met her when I got to do ‘Hollaback Girl’ with Pharrell [on the show] that time, and it was just a second. I got to see her baby and oh my God, the baby is so beautiful!”
Gwen said she received a lot of encouragement from Christina and the two moms bonded over a birthday party playdate.

“With Christina, she wrote me this really sweet note like right when it was all going down,” Gwen said. “Then she ended up coming over for Kingston’s birthday party and brought over Max. It was just like, ‘Yeah!’ She was all girl power.

“[She said,] ‘You gotta be like this and you gotta do that,’ and she was like, ‘You’re gonna love it! You are gonna be fine, you’re gonna be fine,'” she continued, recounting Xtina’s advice. “She was really sweet to me.”

Will the rest of No Doubt ever join Gwen on the show for a performance?

“That would be amazing,” she said. “That would be really cool because I think that it’s a whole other part of who I am and being in that band for since [I’m] a teenager, it would be really great to have them come on the show.”

— Erin O’Sullivan

22 Replies to “Gwen Says It “Would Be Amazing” To Have No Doubt On The Voice”

  1. I would hope if they did perform it would be something new to benefit whatever project she/they are working on. Such a huge opportunity.

  2. So make it happen Gwen! Maybe they’d do Hella Good for the Pharrell connection? I’d be happy with anything really. Just to see them onstage again would be a thrill.

  3. I’d really only want them to perform on The Voice, if they had a new song to promote. I really don’t need another “greatest hits” performance with 10 – 20 years old songs. Don’t get me wrong, I still love those songs… but how is the general public supposed not to see them as “has beens” when they keep playing the same old hits over and over again? Leave the spotlight for Gwen and her new solo material then.

  4. I would love ND to cover a Maroon 5, Pharell, or Blake song and blow it out of the water! Like even if they did a melody.

  5. YYY, word.
    If they were invited to play on the voice it would be THE opportunity to reach the masses as they so very dearly seem to care about. They best not play an old, tired track. That would be their retirement.

  6. @ YYY @ Doom. Clearly you both are so talented and musically gifted that you yourselves are legendary artists like Tony, Tom, Adrian, Gwen, Stephen & Gabrial; that if you were selected to perform on a hit network show, you’d be able to craft a new song to perform, after having recently given birth to a perfect child (in your mid-40s); your third child by the way; and if you dare perform a song from one of your critically acclaimed albums from your musical career spanning 3 decades, one album with 2 Grammy® winning songs; and a mere 16 million copies sold worldwide for your Tragic Kingdom album, you will be such a “has been”…

    But hopefully someone out in the peanut gallery snickering at what a has been you are will try to remember your global efforts at raising awareness for a better world and mankind — especially children, given that you have donated millions to help sick children, speak out against animal cruelty, help displaced Japanese children in 2011 with $1 million in emergency funds;
    and continually support young fans world wide.

    Sit down. Both of you. And how embarrassing you would try to tarnish a group of amazing individuals and artists who are so selfless.

    Really? If they play ‘Don’t Speak’ or ‘Just A Girl’ they are washed up in their 40s?

    Ever seen Neil Diamond? Worth over $175 million and still singing ‘Sweet Caroline’ ‘Song Sung Blue’ ‘I Am I Said’ ”Forever In Blue Jeans'”,,,

    If you find them washed up if they sing “Excuse Me” or “Trapped In a Box”, then don’t buy tickets to their concert, and let true fans and non-haters buy them.

    Sit down.

    1. You got a point there but that was a tad harsh and unnecessary… After all we are all fans around here. There are ways to say things without being that aggressive. My 2 cents.

  7. It’s probably goin to be underneath it all…some songs are ageless… They could have released it 20yrs ago or today n it would still be a hit. Regardless, I love No Doubt n Gwen in all their incarnations. Their music is the soundtrack of 30 yr existence.

  8. Oh my. This isn’t an attack on personal character.
    And as much as I respect them as a band, I don’t think they are above and beyond criticism. I don’t idolize.
    They are artists, they produce and we respond. It’s a conversation.

  9. @olsmama. I won’t sit down. Not cool to scold someone for having, what I think, is a reasonable opinion.

  10. @Doom
    Like you, I am entitled to my opinion in this dialogue. And I found yours and YYY comments shallow about this band that has 3 decades of work. And your comments are a character slight on them, because you both insinuate they ought to be choosing to make new ND music (to perform on the Voice) instead of lead the lives they are choosing for themselves right now. And that if they get the opportunity to perform, and play and old tired track, which in my opinion aren’t old and tired, but vintage and classic, a tribute to the 90s music scene in OC, early 2000s; …that their music catalogue played now is their “retirement”…I think it’s rude; and I don’t say this to idolize them, but to respect and appreciate them as a band…and I have no other band I watch or follow like ND; because they are so unique and talented and real. And give me one other band like them. One other artist like Gwen. Like Pharrel says, she is the Queen, because she’s insanely talented and those bandmates of hers give her love and respect to do her thing. So stay standing and make your comments, but they aren’t based in fact, and I’ll defend what I believe is one of the best musical groups ever, and Gwen Stefani is a living legend. Criticize away. I respectfully disagree 100%.

  11. Well unless they release a new album, I doubt we’ll get any new song for a voice performance. It’s probably goin to be one of their recent hits. I say release “one more summer” as a single just for the hell of it. And I wouldn’t mind a 7 day tour like Gibson gig lol..

  12. @OLSMAMA “real fans” and “non-haters”? Really? Did I miss something? Is this a Lady Gaga fansite? I thought “real” ND fans were smart enough to let people have their opinions. Uhm and yeah playing an old song on a huge show such as The Voice would be a wasted oppurtunity. Also I didn’t say that I think ND are “washed up”, but I’m afraid that’s what the general public thinks of them especially when all they get to see/hear are the same old hits over and over again.

    1. Dude I get where you’re coming from but at the end of the day we are consumers of their products. We buy their music, consume their media presence, and some of the girls that post here and on the forum buy Gwen’s clothing and lifestyle products, which don’t come cheap. Because we do this we have a right to criticize them.

      I’m proud of the band too but I want new music, new media, and consistent visual imagery that aligns with an evolving brand. If they care about that, then they will deliver. Frankly, I feel that that the band uses these excuses (marriage, babies, ect.) to justify the lack of things I just mentioned. I always felt ND had a really hard time transitioning into the post Napster era, but whatever.

      I really don’t think the band cares what we say on here. We don’t need vigilantes standing up for the band because they don’t need it, and I’m sure they could give a crap less about our opinion.

  13. @Simon (Lol. Well received)

    And I suppose it just blows my mind when people criticize No Doubt in any way shape or form

    They are such hard workers; have very young families, and probably have really high standards about what they put out; and you gotta respect that.

    It’s art.

    And I am so proud of this band;

    when Gwen sang w Pharrel at Coachella after her very unusual (but well deserved) absence, I was so proud of that girl…

    And I know at the end of the day; true fans will support them and wait…

    Key term: support

    How selfish can we be to just expect them to put out new music to try to appear relevant…and I don’t mean that against anyone in particular

    I just don’t get this pressure “fans”
    Put on No Doubt when they have already given us so so much…and then say it’s warranted. That they owe us the rest of their lives to create albums for us — or we say things that are hurtful — like they are has beens, washed up, this is their retirement…


    Let them enjoy their marriages and babies, let them be what they want…

    And find other bands putting out fresh music in the meantime to get that fix.

    You can’t rush art.

    Listen to their song Running.

    They ran for a very long time.

    It’s time for them to sit and enjoy the fruits of their labor.


  14. So happy IBM agrees w me!!!

    “Special Guest: No Doubt sponsored by Rocket Software
    No Doubt has won two Grammy Awards and five MTV Video Music Awards, launched international sold-out tours and were invited to perform for Paul McCartney and the President at the annual Kennedy Center Honors in 2010. Their achievements include releasing several multi-platinum albums (1995’s diamond-certified Tragic Kingdom, 2001’s Rock Steady, and a 2003 singles collection) and a string of chart-topping hits (“Just A Girl,” “Don’t Speak,” “Hey Baby,” “Hella Good,” “Underneath It All,” and “It’s My Life”). Lead singer Gwen Stefani has further emerged as a global music and fashion icon via two best-selling solo albums and her L.A.M.B., Harajuku Lovers and Harajuku Mini clothing lines. Through all the success, the band members have remained grounded by a long-standing friendship that began when Stefani, guitarist Tom Dumont, bassist Tony Kanal, and drummer Adrian Young — bonded by a shared love of ’80s British New Wave and ska bands — began performing together in their hometown of Anaheim, CA. Their natural camaraderie, not to mention the musical alchemy that occurs when these four friends reunite, is apparent throughout the band’s most recent release, Push And Shove — a supercharged blend of ska-rock, dancehall, and electronic pop. No Doubt also has an enduring commitment toward raising awareness for important issues. The band will honor this spirit when they co-headline The 2014 Global Citizen Festival in New York’s Central Park in front of 60,000 attendees.”

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