Gwen on New Interscope CEO and Their “Unorthodox” Album Strategy

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In a piece from the LA Times on new Interscope CEO John Janick, Gwen and her new album is profiled saying that Janick is taking an “unorthodox” approach to it’s release.

The article says that both Gwen and Janick have been going back and forth with ideas and “doing the album visuals first and making the record after”.

Gwen said, “I remember driving around on Coldwater Canyon talking to him on the phone and thinking, ‘You’re the record company CEO! You can’t say that there are no rules, to try everything and see what happens.'”

“Baby Don’t Lie” is the first release from herself and the band under Janick with Interscope. Gwen admits that the music industry has changed tremendously since the band’s absence. She relates that she has nothing but confidence in Janick and his ideas. “It’s a scary time now,” she says. “Artists don’t make money in the same way, and we don’t know who is watching or who even cares. But in the end, John is all about the song, and he’s so passionate about just making something great, that I have to hope that will prevail in the end.”

While it’s still undetermined when Gwen is releasing her album, she’s stated that she hopes to have it out by December and is still open to working with different artists in the mean time, as well as working with No Doubt on new material. Back in July, music publisher Michael St. James Tweeted out about an “onslaught” of Gwen coming soon continuing by saying “it’s the definition of 360 deal.”

Photo courtesy of Lionel Duley.

28 Replies to “Gwen on New Interscope CEO and Their “Unorthodox” Album Strategy”

  1. Since Rock Steady I started questioning Gwen’s music taste and decisions. When she released LAMB she surprise me in a good way.

    Now, after Push and Shove and Baby don’t Lie I’m just confused, it seems like she’s completely lost and she’s just following what’s going on in the mainstream american industry (which is awful).

    That industry is completely over, making money out of selling cds, mp3s and singles is over. If you want to make money TOUR YOUR ASS OFF!

    No Doubt should follow the path of bands like Garbage, Radiohead or NIN. And stay away from Shakira, Rihanna and all those crappy pop singers…but oh well, some people here like “evolution” even if it’s backwards.

  2. I agree that money comes from touring but you have to have a wide, solid fanbase. Otherwise you and the sponsors lose a lot of money. I don’t know if Gwen at this point, with how she bailed on BDL, could do well on tour, maybe she could stick to festivals. She’s all over the place and she’s letting other people make the decisions. BDL is the first victim.
    I don’t know about Garbage but Tom Yorke and Trent Reznor are geniuses and at this point are more into music experiments than making money.

  3. I disagree that singles are over. Those get more sales than albums now. Touring is very important for a band though. ND made a huge mistake not going on a festival tour in the summer of 2012 before P/S dropped.

  4. HOW IS BABY DON’T LIE A FAILURE? It debuted at number 11. That’s amazing. Good for it. “Settle Down” debuted at 34. “What You Waiting For?”, though her best song, peaked at 47. Baby Don’t Lie is not a failure. Give her a break. I don’t understand what in the above sentiments has everyone so up in arms about. Gwen Stefani SHOULD be getting a lot of attention from the label to do things in new and interesting ways. It’s amazing for her.

  5. Plus, everyone should step back and look at how much better her management and era is right now compared to P&S in 2012. It was NO LIE that she has the definition of a 360 deal. She’s killing it on the Voice, her clothing opportunities keep piling up, new HL perfumes for the first time in years, she’s releasing solo songs and high-profile collaborations, No Doubt KEEPS getting concert opportunities (which shows she still cares about them and puts their name in headlines with her solo stuff). I mean, she’s dually working on a solo album AND No Doubt. This is one of the most exciting times in Gwen news since TSE era. No, Baby Don’t Lie isn’t my favorite song of hers ever, but it’s still good and with repeated listens gets better and shows a lot of Gwen in it. I just think it’s a super fun and FRESH time for them, and gives them a chance to compete in modern music (which they kind of missed with P&S). Everybody should be happy for them.

  6. Oh, my bad! I was confused by the “#11” report. I think it means it was the 11th most sold single of the week. I was wrong about the position though. Sorry.

  7. Yeah it never even debuted in the top 40 like settle down did…it was 11 on the digital downloads chart. The song still has potential but will loose its hype if not promoted within the next three weeks.

  8. Amanda G you’re right. We should let it have room to grow. Also, they seem to be putting a lot of faith into “Spark the Fire.”

    Side note: Fergies single just jumped like 20 places on the Hot 100 to its new peak position. It’s been out for a couple weeks and isn’t getting promo but is just growing. We have a chance!

  9. Can we please stop with the personal attacks to fellow ND fans? I mean people have different opinions, no need to attack them for it. Jesus the comments here have gotten so angry. I understand we’re not happy with the things going on right now, but come on, we all live and breath on the same planet and deserve more respect than this. Brothers and sisters or enemies? The choice is clear to me.

  10. Bradley,

    I want to commend you for the eloquent way you stated all of Gwen’s recent successes. Puts everything into perspective.

  11. I have to admit that Fergie’s song is growing on me. I’m guessing that’s the case for other people and that’s why it won’t bomb like it originally was heading towards. I have heard it on the radio too… Still haven’t heard BDL on the radio. but I think it’s too soon to rule it out. I doubt if it will be a big hit, but maybe a minor one. Together though…that would be a hit. I reeeeally hope Harris releases it as a single.

  12. i dont really agree with anything johnny said….

    Garbage & NIN do what they do cuz they have to —ND/Gwen have had a bigger impact culturally/mainstream. they are no where near ND!

  13. Geez we need to calm down on the BDL haha. It’s wayy early for the single. 46 is not bad at all for a debut, look at how many weeks every song above it has been on the chart. It takes a while to see how it performs at radio. It’s been bouncing around in the 40s on itunes, so by no means has it dropped off. But yeah i think it will need promo next couple weeks to really push it.

    But really I’m most excited about upcoming singles based on spark the fire

  14. Im assuming the lack of promo is a calculated move. I think because the single wasn’t an instant smash they’re going with the whole buzz single play.

    I think unrealistic to think this song will creep up and be a huge hit. It may go up after a live performance but it’s just not a good enough song to outshine the rest. Bottom line.

    I think Gwen has started off on the wrong foot. For my personal tastes she has made very poor decisions. Maroon 5, Calvin harris and Ryan Tedder are all equally trash to me.

    BUT taste aside, I think Gwen is doing well and having a slow but pretty strong comeback. The voice is huge. She’s back on the map. Plus her absence has only made her reputation stronger. There are at least 10 more tracks that we haven’t heard.
    So much possibility! Exciting time for sure.

  15. Fergie was doing promo unlike Gwen. We’ll see with the live shows The Voice has in 2 weeks. I have hope for November tho, this has to be the turning point.

  16. yea bdl wasnt a good choice, how does she pretend to peak at N1° when there are tons of better music than that, even from non-famous singers.

  17. Unorthodox is starting to feel like they are making it up as they go but as an artist in her caliber it’s best to have a strong marketing strategy bc it starting to feel more like a “real side project ep” designed to garner a lil attention in preparation for the next No Doubt project.

  18. She is doing promo by being on The Voice. I heard BDL on the radio for the first time yesterday night and it sounded so right. Loving the song!

  19. Me too! Baby Don’t Lie was on the most popular radio station in the central coast of California Saturday afternoon. I couldnt believe it.

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