Gwen On Her New Songs: “They’re About My Life”

Article courtesy of Us Weekly/Brigé
Article courtesy of Us Weekly/Brigé

Gwen is featured in the October 12 issue of Us Weekly with a new interview on her upcoming album and possibly hitting the road with her three boys.

When asked about the music she’s been working on, Gwen says, “I’ve written about 15 songs — they’re about my life! It’s like the egg and the sperm went together and created these songs. I feel like I’m in a place of, wow, I have this gift. I have this gift — use it, share it!”

Gwen jokes about going on tour with the new album and says that she’ll bring her three boys along and have them sell t-shirts.

She also shared her tips for perfecting her red pout (use a great liner and don’t lick your lips!) and admits that she didn’t know much about fashion back-in-the-day. Gwen says that she loves makeup and fashion now and that it never gets old for her.

Thanks to Brigé for sending in the article!

6 Replies to “Gwen On Her New Songs: “They’re About My Life””

  1. I’m thinking she may debut a new song at the concert this week but I figure she might wait until November with the live shows on the voice and hopefully a performance at the AMAs to release the single

  2. Don’t get me wrong, but at this point this feels like the same old “news” being recycled over and over again by various media… There’s nothing new in this article at all except for the “joke” about going on tour… Good to know that it’s a joke to her while many fans are desperately waiting for her or ND to actually go on a real tour again. We’re in the middle of October already and we still don’t know more than we did in August…

  3. It seems that “soonish” to Gwen means 1 month – 2 months of waiting. lol I don’t know but I can’t see this album coming out in December. And tbh I think she should release this album almost immediately after dropping the next single. Otherwise t’ll be ridiculous. PopJustice, Idolator are already poking fun at this whole situation.

  4. I think fans tend to look too far ahead. She’s writing and enjoying it. That’s all we know. If the song ideas are flowing, then she’s probably not seriously thinking about release dates. I want her to enjoy this period of being inspired…because it doesn’t happen often. I’m happy to wait patiently if it means good music is coming our way – whenever that will be! No rush Gwen…just do it right this time. 😉

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