Gwen On The Voice, Working With Gavin and Her Boys (Updated)


In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Gwen shared that she had no idea that she would be “sitting inside of a black and red spaceship for the next three months” calling it “spontaneous”. Gwen says that she loves being on The Voice with her fellow coaches and has so much for respect for all of them, most of all Adam Levine. “Adam has raised the bar for me. He has gone places that my band hasn’t gone.” Adam noted quickly after that Gwen was jokingly referring to “how perverted and disgusting” he is. Aw!

Gwen once again talked about how nervous she at first was having husband Gavin by her side to advise her. “We have only collaborated on babies before! I was nervous because he’s so smart and so musical, and you play different roles for different people in your life. I’m his wife, so it was weird, but it was awesome.”. She also has called the experience “rad” and found it rewarding looking back at both of their incredible careers and working together after so long.

Producer Mark Burnett said that the season is “working really, really well” so far with Gwen and Pharrell on the Voice team.


MSN has also added a new slideshow featuring photos and additional quotes from Gwen on working with Gavin and how she was approached to join The Voice.

Gwen admits that she went back and forth about having Gavin join her on the show saying she felt “overwhelmed”. She reveals that the couple actually fought the night prior to the decision being made. Gwen said she slept on it and decided that it would “spice things up” and it would be something new. She later calls the decision “awesome”. Gwen says that she was nervous meeting the new contestants with Gavin but found it really fun working with him.

She also thinks that things happen for a reason and it was the perfect time in her life to do The Voice. “Now I get why this happened to me at this time in my life and why I’m doing this. It’s so inspiring and rewarding.”

Gwen recalls a funny story about how her kids are in love with Pharrell. “My kids are obsessed with him — like the whole world is. One day, [my son] King came home from school … and he’s like, ‘I’m going to play this song,’ and he put up the ‘Happy’ video. …And I go, ‘You know that I know Pharrell and we used to do stuff together.’ I showed him some pictures on the Internet, and he goes, ‘Was he your boyfriend?’ I said no, but you could just see his brain going like, ‘Wow! It’s so weird. My mom is in pictures with my idol. That’s so crazy!'”

Pharrell had invited Gwen onstage with him for Coachella and she was first hesitant due to just having baby Apollo. She says that she used a tour bus for the show just to show off to her kids. The family drove all together to Palm Springs for the show. How cute! She says that performing at Coachella was her first time out of the house since giving birth to baby Apollo.

With the other Voice coaches, Gwen loves Adam Levine and calls him “offensive” and “inappropriate” (in the most charming way of course!) “And I have been in a band [with all boys] for my whole life — I know inappropriate! He’s just on another level. … Adam has raised the bar for me. He has gone places that my band hasn’t gone. He’s bad. Whatever version of this show you see at home, I get the X-rated version.”

She continues by saying she was nervous to around a bunch of new boys compared to her family in No Doubt. “I was nervous because it’s one thing to be in the boys’ club with guys you have known since you were 16 years old. But to walk onto this platform with these guys who have been doing it already and not knowing them, I was freaked out a little bit.”

Gwen is not used to being around girls and admits to hiring the Harajuku Girls to hang out with her. “I’m used to being the only girl. I paid for Harajuku girls to hang out with me at one point in my life because no girls would hang out with me. I was always surrounded by boys — and I don’t know how that happened because I’m such a girl. I love getting dressed up. I love hair and makeup. I played Barbies.” She also jokes and says that if she had girls instead of boys, she could still see herself playing with Barbies.

Gwen admits to not having much time to herself to watch TV, but when she does she enjoys watching Say Yes To The Dress (I love that show!) “When I’m not watching Sprout TV … I pretty much watch Caillou [and] Peppa Pig.”

Photo courtesy of NBC.

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  1. What does “he’s gone places with his band, her band never went”? Is it meant in a commercial way or what? Sorry, my English has limits…

  2. this quote : I love ‘Say Yes to the Dress.’ … It’s such a dumb show, and I love it.” lol
    So happy to her enjoying herself and so energetic, this Gwen was missing from P&S era, glad to see her back.

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