Gwen Talks Animated Series ‘Kuu-Kuu Harajuku’

Photo courtesy of Gwen Stefani
Photo courtesy of Gwen Stefani

Gwen sat down with World Screen to discuss Kuu-Kuu Harajuku, her new executive produced animation series featuring G and the Harajuku Girls.

It was first announced last year that Gwen would be working on a new animated series featuring G and the Harajuku Girls (Love, Angel, Music and Baby) and is set to be distributed worldwide by DHX Media. DHX Media’s Josh Scherba said of the new series, “Kuu-Kuu Harajuku is fun, energetic and unique, and the inspiration for the series draws from a range of cultures as well as Gwen’s own distinct visual imagination.”

In the interview, Gwen discussed her love for Harajuku culture and how it’s inspired her over the years. “I love when Japanese culture takes other cultures and interprets them in its own unique way. I was immediately attracted to all of these things, and will continue to be for the rest of my life.”

Gwen shares that she’s always wanted to work on an animated series or live-action television show starring the Harajuku Girls since creating her first solo album in 2004. “It was one of the first things that I wanted to do; I wanted to do that along with the music.” She calls it a “dream come true” collaborating with Moody Street Kids and Vision Animation (the studios behind Kuu-Kuu Harajuku) and says that it’s come together greater than she could have imagined. Gwen was blown away and thinks that the artwork in the show is “so beautiful”. She says that she couldn’t see it coming out any better than it is.

CEO of Vision Animation Huoi Seong Low (behind the series alongside Moody Street Kids) says, “Everything about the project has been magical, from the pitch to Gwen Stefani through the development of the characters, the environments, the stories and of course, the animation itself. Everyone on the project is super inspired and that energy is translating well into what you will see on screen. We have never been happier with a show.”

Gwen says that the show will capture the hearts of kids all around the world because everywhere they want to see funny things and laugh. “I think kids love to be in an imaginary world, and this cartoon has no boundaries. It literally has so much fantasy going on that your mind can go anywhere, and that is a global and universal thing. People like to escape.”

The article says that Kuu-Kuu Harajuku is filled with music which is something that’s always been important to Gwen. The series features HJ5, “a band driven by their inspirational leader, G” and “every gig is interrupted by a fantasy driven wild-card before the first note is ever played.”

A line of licensed toys are also on the way courtesy of Mattel.

We’re excited for Gwen and her teams and we’re looking forward to seeing the series! As of now, there hasn’t been a domestic debut date announced for Kuu-Kuu Harajuku.

4 Replies to “Gwen Talks Animated Series ‘Kuu-Kuu Harajuku’”

  1. Yup it seems like it’s pretty good to go if they have the merchandising deal with Mattel. I heard they even started with season 2. I wonder what’s the hold up. I wonder if they will be incorporated the new album?

  2. This is a pretty big deal, this is probably one of the biggest things she’s done in her whole career. Having Mattel back this up is huge. The toys and merchandise will be everywhere. This is the kind of stuff I like to see her do, stuff that hits the culture. If this cartoon takes off by next Halloween all the little girls can be dressed like the characters, and they probably won’t even know ‘G and the Harajuku Girls’ where an actual thing at one point. Who would’ve thought the first time we saw the Harajuku Girls in WYWF over 10 years later they’re still around

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