Video: Gwen Interviewed on Good Morning America

Gwen sat down with Good Morning America this morning for a new quick interview and teased a sneak peek at the upcoming video for “Spark The Fire”.

She describes the video as a “clash of this punk rock, kind of old-school feeling, club feeling, but this really modern emoji world.”

Gwen finds working with Pharrell Williams again “To have him back in my life again, unexpectedly, has been just incredible.”

On her new solo album, due out early 2015, she says, “All of a sudden I’m doing this record which I definitely did not plan. That’s probably what I love most about it is not knowing and just being free and just doing it and letting the surprises happen.” Gwen admits that she bounces off her new songs to her children and says that Kingston is her biggest fan.

38 Replies to “Video: Gwen Interviewed on Good Morning America”

  1. The video looks so much better than during this short Fiat ad. They really need to fix this problem on iTunes though. STF is nowhere near the top 100 yet.

  2. Still not itunes This whole day of promo will be a waste if its not available in time for the voice tonight.

  3. The song has been taken town from all retailers. Major problems here.
    Im worried that their will be no video or performance today 🙁

  4. This is so weird.. Was there something wrong with the version that was released or something? Did anyone get a chance to dl it?

  5. I don’t know what you guys are talking about, I bought the spark the fire track last night, search spark the fire, not gwen and it will come up

  6. It was taken down sometime this morning. You can see it when you search spark the fire but when you try to buy it says: “The item you tried to buy is no longer available”.
    It’s also been taken off of amazon and google play.

    Yeah I hope no BDL contract issues, didn’t think about that

  7. I bought mine last night shortly after midnight. Hopefully she still performs tonight and it becomes available on iTunes again!

  8. Hmm that sucks, I wonder what this is all about, this is too much and gwen deserves so much more, I need to be in making some decisions, cause whoever her “team” is has to go

  9. I purchased the song last night and it sounded like the leak. I assumed the leak was a low quality version because it sorta sounds muffled. I was hoping for a better quality….

  10. It sounded better than peak for me. I got it early this morning as well . I hope there some sort of twisted logic why they r doin wat they are doin… Get it together team Gwen!!!

  11. Suppose they took it down to wait for the voice. what about the non existant video?this seems like more than just disorganization. Im worried.

  12. I downloaded it no problem but I did it at like 1155 last night in nyc. Maybe they removed it. Been listening nonstop though. Sooooo gooood. Hey! Get off my cloud!

  13. I wish it was more than a 2 minute interview! Gwen’s makeup looked pretty. The video looks interesting. Now if they could just straighten out this absolute mess with iTunes…

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