Gwen On E! News Live Tomorrow Night, May 15; Re-cap Added

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Thanks to SimpleKindofLife79, Gwen will be interviewed on E! News Live tomorrow night at 7 PM ET/PT. She will talking about the upcoming tour and her children. It also looks like will be streaming parts of the show and will have clips up later, so hopefully it will be online for the fans who miss it. It also repeats the next morning as well, or in this case, the weekend edition of E! News, check your local listings. If anyone wants to capture it and send into us, let me know!


Thanks to Rosie for the re-cap! It just aired on the east coast! Hopefully a video will show up soon and we can have it up in the morning.

It was pretty cool-the whole band was interviewed,they were on the set of tour rehearsals in Ontario;there was a glimspe of one of the background screens-it was a clip of Tony on the bike in the UIA video,so maybe they’ll be showing that during the song on tour. Gwen was asked how her outfits were on their first tour,and she it was kind of the same as what she wears now,except without the ”sparkle” and that her clothes then were ”stitch-and-sew”.They were asked how they traveled on their first tour,and Gwen said they all traveled in one van-one time going from CA to Michigan without stopping for showers,lol. She mentioned how they didn’t end up traveling to NY that time because the label thought it was too expensive. The interviewer asked how they will be traveling now,and Gwen joked that they thought the guys would still be in vans.The interviewer mentioned how they will be bringing their families along,and Gwen said that Kingston had been there for the rehearsals and that there was so much for him to do. They said again how they will now with their families along be able to actually get out of their hotel rooms and see the cities they will be touring in-Tony joked that they will be saying”Gee,there actually is a Grand Canyon!”They also showed super-short clips from the Grammy show rehearsal of Spiderwebs,an interview from the 97 Billboards,and one from June 1996.

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