Gwen on Wrapping Up the ‘Truth’ Tour and What’s Next

Photo courtesy of Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times
Photo courtesy of Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times

In a new interview with the Los Angeles Times, Gwen opened up about her summer tour and plans on settling back into her “mommy role” in the near future.

Gwen shares that she feels extremely proud of herself and what’s she’s accomplished so far in 2016. She’s been able to express herself and reconnect with fans that have supported her every step of the way. Gwen acknowledges that she’s been such a role model over the years to many and says that it’s something that she takes seriously. She credits this past year as an accomplishment especially with what she’s “had to go through”.

She spoke a little about writing Truth and reiterates how much of a struggle it was as the beginning for her to cope but she pushed herself knowing how powerful songwriting made her feel.

“When I wrote the first song, I literally had to cry my way to the studio. I was like, ‘I know the only way forward is to do this right now.’ So I did it — I wrote a song, and it was the greatest feeling. It didn’t make the record, that one, but it put me through to the next place. Then they just started to come. I’m so proud of it because I feel like I could easily have just felt sorry for myself and laid around. And I did do that. But then I got there and started believing in myself again.”

Gwen finishes up her This Is What the Truth Feels Like tour in California later this month and admits that it’s been a tough transition. She tells the story of how her boys, whom had joined her the majority of the summer on the road, went to stay with their father and found herself going into a “crazy, dark depression.” Reality soon set in for Gwen once the tour wrapped up that her incredible self-journey (and year) was coming to an end.

“It’s not just the end of a tour but the end of a huge chapter for me: being able to be creative again and climb out and find love and be strong enough to get to a different place. I’d been running fast, so it was really devastating for it to end.”

When asked what’s next for her, Gwen honestly answered by saying she doesn’t know whats in store for her in the near future. She does confirm that she doesn’t see herself “making another record right now” and plans to spend more time with her youngest son, Apollo.

We know that Gwen has had so much on her plate over the last few years and it’s incredibly inspiring seeing her remain positive and passionate about everything she puts her heart into. We’re excited to see what’s next for her (including new collections of eyewear and L.A.M.B. x Burton) but hope she does take some much deserved downtime off with her family.

9 Replies to “Gwen on Wrapping Up the ‘Truth’ Tour and What’s Next”

  1. I’m so selfish. I just want more and more from her lol. I feel like she’s in a good spot creatively as well as just being on the scene again. But, this era has been fantastic and we’re all so lucky to have ever even gotten this record. Everything after P&S is just extra imo
    Still, whether it’s no doubt or solo, I just hope it doesn’t take 4 years lol

  2. She has said many times that she wrote 2-3 albums worth of songs through all of this. So maybe the next album we hear from Gwen won’t be too far away. She has to want to do it though.. or else it won’t happen. So maybe it will be another 4 years and that’s okay with me. At least this album taught her that she still has it even when she’s convinced herself that she doesn’t.

  3. I’m so proud of Gwen & so glad this era has been a success for her. I’m content with the truth album & I don’t expect more music just off of Gwen for a while. I’m thinking a few collabs could occur but these end up being hits, rather than Gwen being an extra big name on albums eg. Calvin Harris, I thought at the time that these were opportunities for Gwen to have big hits again but this didn’t happen..

    I always love Gwen’s other creative projects, since Gwen misses it badly I’m hoping she gets back to fashion week very soon. Anything else could be possible really and I’m excited for the future…

    I want Gwen to have a nice time being mommy & Gwen deserves much down time but I’m sure in no time new creative projects will be on the horizon! xxx

  4. Just go and raise some kids, let the music business to the true rock chicks with attitude and guts.

    All her last moves seems made by a pop diva, which she is not and she will never been. People would always associated gwen with ska, punk and alternative music, too bad for her, she ended up in the middle of the road.

  5. She’s transitioning more as a fashion/creative brand and that’s pretty much she always wanted if you’ve read her plans 10yrs ago

  6. It’s too bad she’s not going to continue to ride her “inspiration” wave and do a greatest hits album with a few new/unreleased songs to wrap up her 3rd solo era, but it looks like she will focus on her brands instead. The cartoon is cute, but I honestly couldn’t care less about anything other than music, so I hope there’s a few collabs in the works too.

    I hope No Doubt get a nomination next year for the Rock n Roll hall of fame. I think they are eligible 25 years after their first release? It would be an honor…and a nice way for them to reunite and maybe work out some differences.

  7. I think Gwen is a very realistic person and she is very aware of her musical career coming to and end, so I think she will probably focus more on her non-musical projects from now on. That being said, I am sure there will always be spots for her on various soundtracks and collaborations to keep the music going.

  8. I really miss the tour. So much fun looking in on it at all her locations and actually getting to one live. Now I am so sad I did not get to book LA for the finale. I really hope she rides this wave musically and in other creative areas. She has a strong brand and needs to continue the projects she has and add new ones. Do a Christmas song with Blake and other collaborations.
    Hearing her talk, I think she is a tour junkie and wonder how happy she will be not out there. She goes to a lot of Blake’s too and they really have had the time of their lives with all this going from city to city. Both being so warmly welcomed at each other’s concerts.

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