Updated: “I’m Writing Like I’ve Never Written”

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In an interview with People, Gwen shared that she’s been writing new music since June and describes the overall theme to the album is “truth”. “ust being clear and being true to myself. I just want to be fulfilled. It’s really quite selfish”. She confirms that she has about 14 songs done and says that everyone new one she writes adds a different feeling to the batch. “Every single time I write a song, I think it’s my single and it’s very dramatic and everyone’s like ‘Okay, Gwen. Shut up. We know it’s not the one, but I’m glad you’re excited.'”

Gwen says that she loves sharing her new music with her friends and family (including her Dad!) and loves to rock out to it especially by herself. “My favorite is just weirdly listening to it myself in my car really loud at night.”


Gwen revealed to Yahoo that she’s “in a real spiritual phase” and is taking the time to write down how she’s feeling often. Gwen admits that it’s been “intense” revisiting and singing some of her older material later in life. She says that she’s taking the time to be grateful and living in the moment and is open “to channeling and being guided.”

She seems really eager and excited to be back to work and calls herself and her recent collaborators The Breakfast Club. “It’s like, up all night, in love, discovering each other, like a weird Benetton collection of weirdos. ‘How are we all in the same room right now?’ Like, it’s meant to be. It’s magical… I’m so excited about the music. I feel like it’s my reward for everything I do. It’s so crazy when you have nothing, like you walk into a studio with nothing, and then you have a song that captures your life.”

Gwen says that this time around she feels like there is no rush and she’s really making an album for herself. “I’m just in the moment of being there. “I just feel like I’m in this place of just trying to be honest and grateful and listening. And just trying to, I don’t know, be a good person.”

Gwen shares that a new single should be on the way “soonish”.

For more from Gwen’s lengthy interview with Yahoo, click here.


Entertainment Tonight spoke with Gwen at her recent MasterCard Priceless Surprises press event and she updated fans on the progress on her new album. She stated that she has more than 15 songs completed including past ones that she’s been collaborating on with different people. “I do have more than that because I have a bunch from before but the ones that I’m really addicted to that I’m like, ‘OK, these are the ones.’ It feels so good and it’s been incredible.”

She continued by saying she’s “never had a writing experience like this” and that she’s “channeling unbelievable luck”. “I went in and I found these kids – these writers and these producers – it’s a group of us, I call ourselves The Breakfast Club.”

“I’m always in a rush. I want to get music out always and as soon as possible.”

In a new candid interview with Too Fab from the recent Voice press conference, Gwen spoke about working in the studio and says that she’s writing like she’s “never written”.

Gwen shared that she’s finding joy in heading to the studio now while in the past it sometimes felt like a chore. “I have never been in a place, where I’m like outside all my life, where all I want to do is get in the studio. It was always like a chore, like ‘Oh no I have to go to the studio, I am not going to be able to do it. What am I going to say?’ Like it’s an opposite, it’s like I gotta get in the studio. When is there time, you know? Every time I go, I know I’m going to have a song and every time I have a song I get to play it really loud in my car and it’s really fun.”

Gwen says that she has nearly 10 songs done, which she admits doesn’t seem like a lot, but she insists that they were written over a short period of time. She continues by saying this spark of creativity has never happened before and credits her time being on The Voice last season for some of her inspiration. “So I am in a really good place for writing and I think that has a lot to do with being on the show last season and also just, I don’t know, just opening up and being on a journey to get to this point to be able to write again.”

She also spoke about the upcoming season of The Voice and expressed that doing the show is one of the best things she’s ever done. Gwen says that she loved working with key advisor Rihanna and said she also enjoyed looking at her during their time together.

When asked if she would like to see another female coach in the red chair, Gwen says that it would be “different” and that she would miss the boys (Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Pharrell Williams). “It’s crazy, the chemistry that I think we have is so good and I can’t imagine it any other way.”

It’s awesome to finally have an update from Gwen and to hear how excited she is to be back to work in the studio writing new music! The last update on the progress of Gwen’s upcoming third solo album was this past June when Interscope confirmed that she was still “hard at work”.

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  1. So, is she starting from zero all over again? I wonder… At least she’s writing her own material?! So many questions…

  2. Wow!

    Exactly why I love her. She totally channels whatever she experiences into her art and lets her creativity channel her emotions and that’s so inspiring to me!!!!! A true artist. I’m stoked to hear what she’s working on!!!!!

  3. Amanda, I hope the “new” material she’s been writing is for the new No Doubt album. A more introspective No Doubt album would be sooooo much better imo.

  4. In the past, Gwen said the first solo was just a fun dance album inspired by the 80s, the second was her riding that wave with left over songs, and a more modern sound. She said she called it “dance album” not “solo” because “solo” means that this is HER like, who she is that she couldn’t express in ND. I wonder if this will be that “solo” album or if she is releasing another “dance album”…

  5. i know this is basically good news, but I have to admit, it just adds more confusion to the big ball of confusion that is Gwens solo comeback. “Writing” not “making”. And what exactly does writing mean? Writing lyrics for songs that have yet to be made?
    I wonder how this writing will incorporate into all the material she has already finished recording.
    It’s all good and I’m excited for her but this is making it sound like early stages.

  6. ^ Unless this new material she’s been writing is already for the new ND album. It’s all confusing right now…

  7. I really don’t think those new songs are ND songs. Gwen says that she can listen to the songs in her car once she gets out of the studio, so this would mean that the whole band has already been recording in the studio together lately. Seems very unlikely…

  8. Doom, sometimes the beats come before the lyrics and are adjusted based on what is written. I mean, she’s obviously recording early stages of the songs– she’s listening to them in her car.

  9. I agree its confusing. She almost makes it sound like she’s starting from scratch. What about all the songs she did last year and earlier this year?

  10. Well Writing= I just got divorce and i have a lot of things to say. The inspiration bug has bitten her and music seems to be more passion than chore. I wouldn’t mind her releasing Start A War just for the time being. No need to rush to release an album she is not prepared to release. I want her to be ready and confident about the product she is realizing, We don’t want another rushed music disaster like before. She wasn’t really ready, her team wasn’t really ready and the music wasn’t quite there.

  11. Well I guess the good news is that she seems to be really inspired now. Even when she did L.A.M.B. she always seemed like writing and recording songs is pure torture for her, so seeing her actually enjoying it is a welcome change. Hopefully this will lead to better music than pretty much all the stuff she released 2014.

  12. Maybe she is actually making music and is just stressing the fact that she is more involved this time around by saying writing.
    In any case, good news.
    NDLOVER, I didn’t think writing for ND was plausible at this point in time. But that would be amazing! Although, if that were true, talk about confusion!

  13. ^ I still think she only said that, because she didn’t want to piss of the ND fans by going solo again. Maybe some of the many songs all those various producers and songwriters have written in 2013 and 2014 will eventually end up on a future ND release, but I don’t think anybody is actually “working” on new ND music currently. I think Gwen only wanted to assure fans that there will still be new ND music at some point, even though she decided to go solo again.

  14. I dont’ think it’s No Doubt music anyway. I saw some comments on this post on facebook of people going ‘oh that’s great, we need an introspective ND album, that will be a big comeback for them’ -> uh, what about push and shove?? That album is introspective, as is Return of Saturn. Neither album performed well (not saying they were bad albums, I like both especially ROS) and simply that makes it an unlikely thing to happen again anytime soon. Nobody likes making flops…

    But people are still interested in Gwen and her personal life, so a real ‘solo’ album like how Anthony described it, could be an exciting new direction in her musical career.

  15. A more introspective solo album would be great. It’s a shame that Gwen doesn’t communicate with fans anymore. It would be nice if she posted a letter on her website and talked a bit about the whole process. I’m sure fans would accept if she decided to start from zero and found a new perspective, but at least be sincere about it. Open up with your fans, Gwen, like in the old times when the band would post on ND’s page.

  16. I’m starting to believe that Gwen doesn’t say more about this whole process simply because there really isn’t much to say. Considering how messy BDL and STF (and Shine and basically everything) were handled, I don’t think she or Interscope ever had a plan or something. Obviously she just randomly recorded whatever the label presented her in 2014 and now (as it seems judging by this new interview) she slowly starts to get more involved. I think she’s just going with the flow without really knowing where any of this will lead her. I don’t think this is like it was with L.A.M.B. where she had a clear goal of what she wanted to do with this album.

    I think we all wanted this to be her big and triumphant solo comeback, but I’m starting to doubt if this was ever what Gwen wanted. So yeah, of course I’d also want her to be more open and to talk more about the new music and her plans, but I really think she just doesn’t know what to say, because nothing is certain at this point. Maybe there will be a single towards the end of the year, maybe there won’t. Maybe and album will be out in 2016, maybe it will take a lot more time to get it done, maybe there will never be an album. I don’t think Gwen really knows and that’s why she keeps it so vague.

  17. Well said yeahx3, they were making it up as they go without a clear musical theme. The release from last year was geared to make the most of her voice exposure. She wasn’t ready and knows it.

  18. I guess it will depend on the next single and how it will be received. Hopefully things will start to unfold soon.

  19. I think we should just take her at what she says right now and not read so much into it. She’s writing. No mention of singles or albums or release dates, so I’m not going to concern myself with those either.

    And yes, it’s doubtful that she’s working with our boys again, but I still hope that’s where the wind takes her 🙂

  20. Yeah I agree, but the only thing that is putting me off is the fact I might have to wait another full year for new music to come out. ;( It’s really painful to be a Gwen fan these days.

  21. Guys, I guess you’re just taking the wrong conclusion. We won’t have to wait another full year. I’m feeling confident she’s gonna give us a 2016 release.

  22. 2015? Well, that’s only three more months from now on… I’m all about staying optimistic, but I see no way how an album could still be released this year… A new single would still be possible, even though time is running out as well since radio stations stop adding new songs around November.

  23. I was a little more optimistic until learning she only has 10 songs… Unless there’s some sort of confusion with this interview. It really doesn’t make sense to me. I’m sure she already had a few solid songs like Start A War for example. Actually she said she’s been collecting all these songs she’s recorded and then she’d choose between them. I understand she found a new direction, but would she waste material like that? Would interscope allow it?

  24. I’m not sure if Interscope even cares tbh. They also let ND record new songs with various producers in 2013 without ever releasing any of them. I don’t think Interscope is desperate for Gwen’s album to be out since they have plenty of bigger artists that earn them a lot more money.

  25. Well said Amanda!

    I know its massively frustrating how we are still waiting for the album but I’m taking Gwen’s words about nearly 10 songs, writing, listening to songs in the car etc. as very positive news! I’m definitely expecting an early/mid 2016 release, it would be a dream come true for the album to be released late 2015 but who knows.

    As for those doubting if it will be released this year because of November cut off point on radio, remember Gwen was planning to release the album last December, and only didn’t because she didn’t want it to be rushed, so I’m not sure if airplay is one of Gwen’s big priorities. But again.. who knows what she’s thinking. We’re all in the dark about pretty much everything, unfortunately!

  26. ^ Earlier this year we were also expecting for an early/mid 2015 release and nothing really happened. Why’d we expect “an early/mid 2016 release”? Knowing Gwen it will probably be released in November 2016.

  27. But hey maybe she will release it this December anyway. What do we know? I just wish we had an official date to look forward to.

  28. Agreed with NDlover. We all said last year we expect her to have a 2015 release and nothing has happened. I don’t think there’s any point in predicting when it will be released. That will just lead to disappointment. Gwen and her team clearly don’t care when it gets done.

  29. I think the most frustrating part is that things are really repeating themselves… In 2013 we saw plenty of pictures of ND being in the studio recording new songs, but nothing ever got released. In 2014 we saw plenty of pictures and heard numerous reports of Gwen being in the studio with all those producers, but so far not much of all this material has been released lol. It’s really the same situation all over again… There is always so much teasing and hyping, but eventually it only leads to a major buzzkill.

  30. It’s tiring to be a fan tbh, especially of an artist we care a lot. Sometimes I wish I was a more casual fan of them. Things would come easier or like so many other fans I’d simply get over it. If we’re losing interest, just imagine those more casual fans/listeners.
    I really hope she gets her shit together this time around and takes some advantage of The Voice. Adam Levine always seems to get the most out of it. His band is about to release a Greatest Hits album. I can already picture them playing a medley of their hits. Gwen not only should promote a new and more suitable single but also release the album while she’s still on the program.

  31. I think she just got her shit together on her personal life, usually that leads to a better professional one. Obviously her priority in the last few years has not been music she had bigger things to worry. Its frustating for fans? of course but I think now her state of mind is in a different place, this time is a new ball game and it seems finally she’s ready to play.

  32. I agree JOSSY.

    I have been frustrated since 2008, but I have realized there’s no point in over analyzing every rumor or interview or picture. Gwen does whatever she wants to do, when she wants to do it and she probably won’t tell us about it even when she does do it LOL At least we have some collabs, shows and Voice performances in the meantime. It’s unfortunate that she and the boys operate this way…because I think they’ve lost a lot of fans in the past 8 years, but I also get the feeling that they don’t really care that their connection with fans is weak.

  33. I agree Amanda. Obviously they are pretty much over their careers at this point. They are happy with being “that 90s band” that had a handfull of hits decades ago. I’m not so sure about Gwen though. She is definitely sending misleading signals. Sometimes she seems to be still hungry for more, but then again she is doing things in such a half-assed way… She is full of contradictions these days. She really wanted to make STF happen and kept on promoting it even after it had alread been dead for weeks. Then again she refused to promote BDL at aĺl despite it being a top 40 hit. I really don’t know what she is doing anymore lol.

  34. I think Gwen has a natural pull toward stardom and loves the attention, but her pull towards her kids is much stronger and wins out. Maybe that’s why she loves The Voice so much….because it’s the best of both worlds. Attention/music and time with her kids.

  35. She didn’t promote BDL because people said she copied Ji Nilsson’s Heartbreak Free. And Gwen doesn’t like scandals and confrontations, so she decided to not promote that single anymore (I mean, to start the promotion… Lol)

  36. @NDLover I wouldn’t class those performances as promotion.. they were months after the release. But I agree that the Heartbreak Free bit being the reason she didn’t promo is BS.

    @YYY I agree… it just confuses me why Gwen wouldn’t promote her comeback single, which a lot of people liked, with a few performances… she just did interviews! I think BDL could have easily gone top 40 if Gwen had built up the hype more. STF was a flop from day one, which is sad because I love the song and am all for doing music because you love and its clear Gwen is crazy about it. And whilst I’m all for Gwen making music because she likes it and not for chart reception, the numerous performances of it were cringey and awkward to watch because the song just never took off. Why not promo a QUALITY, WELL RECIEVED song Gwen!! 🙁

  37. Yeah bullshit. I can hear some similarities with that girl’s song but they’re different songs at the end of the day. The stupid thing is that isn’t just BDL that sounds like that but there’s a handful of songs out there that sound basically the same. Even Madonna released Hold Tight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JF7H0-Pcbms and Hilary Duff released My Kind https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJnu8KEtCqY and Lies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CV2s8VGuGOw

  38. The fact that STF leaked a week early didn’t help either. Many people who got the song illegally didn’t bother buying the song cause of the bad reactions too. YYY was one of those persons. lol

  39. I’m glad she finally got her mojo back lol… I’m suprise how vibrant n inspired she comes across esp after everything that has happened. It’s seem everything is starting fall into its rightful place and I super excited lol

  40. As I said: “She didn’t promote BDL because people said she copied Ji Nilsson’s Heartbreak Free. And Gwen doesn’t like scandals and confrontations, so she decided to not promote that single anymore.”
    Sad but true. :O

    “Spark The Fire” is such a bad song… “Shine” is boring. “Start a War” is great and beautiful, I need a studio version!

  41. I think she had some songs she forced out (BDL & STF) that weren’t well received so she went back to the drawing board. Things with her divorce obviously didn’t happen overnight, maybe she incorporated some of that in her songs and she wasn’t ready to share them with us yet. Now that everything is out in the open maybe she feels more free in what she is writing. I’d rather wait 5 more years for a heartfelt honest album than get a generic hurry up album soon. I do wonder what happened to ND in the studio. They were posting for a while of them working on music. Great things take time I suppose and I (as will most of us hardcore fans) will be here when she/they come back and they know that 🙂

  42. Hey NDLover. I’m glad Gwen told you she would promote BDL even if the song was a ripoff (wich is not).

    Well, That’s why she didn’t want to promote that single anymore because ppl said it was a total ripoff. That’s the first and most important reason. The second reason is her voice sounds awful in the chorus… That makes the song a little bit annoying… People didn’t like it. Don’t get me wrong, I love her but let’s be clear. Lol.

  43. ^ No idea what you’re trying to imply. The numbers speak for themselves. BDL did way better than STF without any promo. It even managed to debut on the Hot 100 at 47. Personally I prefer STF, but the GP embraced BDL. That Nisson’s thing wasn’t even a big deal. Not many people even heard about that. I think you’re flying.

    1. “That Nisson’s thing wasn’t even a big deal. Not many people even heard about that.”

      It would’ve been a BIGGER deal if she had decided to promote it.

      Anyways, “Baby Don’t Lie” is a lil “better” than “Spark The Fire”. But, I don’t know, both songs are like… You know what? Any filler song from The Sweet Escape is better than those songs… And that’s not a good thing.

  44. Honestly, I’m glad she didn’t promote it! I love everything she’s done but that song completely SUCKED there is no getting around it. It was soul-less and empty. She’s much better than that.

  45. Lemme just ignore the BDL debate going on here, lol.

    I think SAW is definitely the next single. Agh I’m so excited now, we finally know stuff!! I’m really happy for Gwen, this is clearly a magical time for her and I can’t wait to be blessed with some amazing lyrics and vocals!

  46. C’mon guys. Within 18 months she’s done so much! Having a BABY. Jumping on the opportunity to be on the Voice. Which of course, leads to popping out some singles so you have something to promote. Something to tie in with her tv presence. I can’t believe she was even able to do that grueling schedule w a newborn.

    Sure I was hoping for a full length like everyone else but I am fine with songs not coming out until she’s ready or the songs are ready. I’d much rather an honest, passionate album than a rushed one. She seems really in the zone now and I’m even more excited now. She’s only human and these things take time! She’s a true artist and not someone who pushes out pre made singles.

  47. My heart fell a lil when she said she hired a team of writers. I prefer Gwen’s own lyrics, or when she writes with Tony. Knowing there are other writers on the song makes it feel less genuine to me .

  48. Solo or not I would hope that her emotional journey provided us honest lyrics that we too can connect to (versus manufactured cut and paste pop). That’s just my opinion you can disagree.

  49. I know where you’re coming from, but I feel that some of her solo songs are still honest, like for example, WYWF, Cool or 4 in the Morning. Anyway those records were supposed to be more laid back and silly.

    I wonder if the new solo record will be dance oriented or not. For example SAW is just another ballad. I’m curious to see what direction she’s taking now. The breakup/divorce thing isn’t exactly material for a cheerful Gwen solo. That’s why I’m curious to see how it will translate in a solo album. At the same time is a challenge, cause it’s something she has never done before, except for Cool or 4 in the Morning.

  50. I think everything on L.A.M.B. was honest. TSE had some “manufactured” songs, but overall most of the material still came right from Gwen’s mind/heart imho.

  51. She sounds nice on TRC and IASW, but I can’t say that I’ll listen to them often. Still, they are a nice addition to Gwen’s catalog 😉

  52. Not sure I’ll buy It’s A Small World though. I mean Gwen sounds great but I really don’t care about the other artists. But I’ll buy TRC for sure. Such a sweet lullaby. Gwen’s vocals are on point.

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