Gwen Obviously A Celebrity Designer Not Affected By Economy

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Gwen has been mentioned as one of the celebrity designers who have not really been affected by the economy, unlike most whos’ lines have gone under and/or are not selling well. Harajuku Lovers fragrance was in the top 10 over the holidays, due to the bottles being quite small and were less expensive than others.

Gwen Stefani’s new perfume has been a top-ten seller, but that’s probably because the bottles are pretty small and not that expensive. (

The one person who’s doing well in all this? Gwen Stefani, who just launched a perfume that seems cheaper than her other fragrances, but only because it comes in a smaller bottle than the other items in her line. And you just thought she was a genius for sampling “The Lonely Goatherd”! (

The only way to be successful now is to be smart. Pop star Gwen Stefani’s fragrance Harajuku Lovers is technically more expensive than her first top-tier scent, L, but is being sold in bottles five times smaller than the industry standard, and therefore at lower prices per unit. Harajuku Lovers, launched in September, quickly broke into the top 10 fragrances this holiday season. (

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