Gwen Not Returning For ‘The Voice’ Season 10

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Photo courtesy of Trae Patton/NBC
Photo courtesy of Trae Patton/NBC

NBC has confirmed that former coach Christina Aguilera is returning this spring for season 10 of The Voice in Gwen’s place. While we figured Gwen might step away to focus on her upcoming album, it’s nice to have an official announcement so soon to give our speculating minds a rest. We wouldn’t be surprised if NBC asked Gwen to return for another upcoming season since she’s refreshing and a huge fan of the show!

Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Pharrell Williams are confirmed to return for season 10.

We're X-cited to announce our Season 10 Coaches! Welcome back @xtina! #TheVoice10

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25 Replies to “Gwen Not Returning For ‘The Voice’ Season 10”

  1. Let’s be honest, Christina is a better coach than Gwen. Gwen is my idol (and I prefer her as an artist) but I don’t think she’s a great singer at all… She’s just OK (and her voice sounded awful during P&S era… especially in live performances) I’m pretty sure every member of her team sings better than her.

    1. Gwen is the best. Can not believe they are not bringing her back for season 10! Hopefully season 11 and onward for Gwen.

  2. I disagree with you. I don’t think Christina is a better coach. I think Gwen has great advice and is doing much better this season (I feel like she’s really trying) I don’t think it’s fair to judge their coaching skills based on their voice. Yeah no doubt christina has an amazing voice and can belt out high notes but gwen has something truly unique- a vibrato that I have yet to hear from another artist. I also find gwen more entertaining and enjoyable to watch- as does the fellow coaches.

    1. Hey Lisa, the name of the show is “The VOICE”, not “The Artist” or whatever. Christina has a great voice and Gwen… Ehm, nope. Singing is not her thing and it never been. I respect Gwen for everything but her voice, come on, lol. I get nervous everytime I hear her singing live because she usually sings off key, out of breathe and barely can reach the high notes of her own songs (I mean studio versions). Just compare live and studio versions of her own songs. I’m not saying she sucks, she’s ok, but I don’t respect Gwen as a singer, I respect her as a complete and unique artist.

  3. LOL Batcaver. You should reevaluate your life, dude. What are you even doing on this site, if you can’t see the greatness on Gwen’s voice? And let’s be honest, even though Christina has a powerhouse kind of voice she’s more miss than hit. Most of the time she doesn’t know what to do with it. Personally I never liked the whole diva thing from big artists like her cause they don’t bring much to the table. At least Gwen is by far original and proves that you don’t have to have an outstanding voice to connect with your audience, but man she CAN sing.

    That said, I’m OK if Gwen won’t return to The Voice. I don’t want her to be remembered for being part of it, but only a one off thing. Time to move on.

  4. Please Batcaver, go bat to your batcave and start trolling the Xtina websites. So much hate on the internet…cowards with keyboards.

  5. Gwen is no Whitney Houston or 90’s Mariah Carey, but she never claimed to be either. I love Gwen’s voice. I think it’s unique and better than Pharrell’s or many of the pop stars of today.

    1. Exactly! Gwen actually is very humble every time she has to talk about her vocal capabilities. And yeah I agree that to be a coach you don’t need to be that kind of singer. Just look at Pharrell, his voice is very limited but he’s a great artist and a great coach.

  6. while us fans recognize the uniqueness of gwens voice, (her lil nasally squeal gives me life)… Most people don’t pick up on that or think it’s cool. Being a ND fan 20+++ years I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve heard from people, “yeah she’s really cool but her voice sucks.” Voice wise I really don’t see how she can give singers advice on notes she can’t even hit—I guess I understand how that can be the mentality of some of the contestants. When it comes to teaching them stage presence, confidence, finding themselves/they’re style Gwen is wayyyyy better than Christina for that… Because in my opinion that’s everything Christina lacks as an artist. But then again the show is called The Voice…. Gwen is my ####1 EVERYTHING but Christina is honestly better for the show

  7. Interesting, since in my 19 years as a fan, I have not heard someone say that her voice sucks and I frequent gossip blogs. I don’t think a judge being a grade A singer is a requirement. Pharrell is known more for being a producer and songwriter vs. being a singer. I think Shakira’s voice is like nails on a chalkboard, but she was on The Voice. Cee-lo, Blake and Christina are probably the “best” singers featured on the show, but the show isn’t about the judges voices, it’s about the contestants. Furthermore, even the contestants aren’t all Whitney Houston’s and Ariana Grande’s in the making. There are a variety of voices featured. If a contestant is looking to be the next Mariah Carey, I doubt if they would choose Gwen as their judge. That is why there are 4 judges to choose from because one will suit their needs. I think Gwen sings well for her limited range and she does it while running around a stage at 46 years old. She has a unique voice, insane style, strong songwriting abilities and she’s from home grown band started in the 80’s. I think she’s qualified to be a judge for those reasons.

  8. Gwen is cool, funny, unique, legend, gorgeous, original, idol and more, but she don’t have a great voice, she’s just an “ok” singer. Sometimes she don’t even “sing” the songs in live performances, she just “talk” the songs instead of sing them… (Ppl knows it and like it because that’s her style) I love Gwen but I know her limits and once again I’m not saying she sucks. Christina is a better coach than Gwen (I don’t even love Xtina, haha) and that’s just because the name of the show is “the VOICE”, hello… Lol.

  9. I feel so sorry for Gwen. She’s been so underestimated on this season of The Voice. (Even by fans, apparently…) I think people don’t understand how she could help them. Contestants also know that a female coach doesn’t stand a chance of winning. It would be so fun if Gwen proved them wrong though.

  10. The show isn’t about the judge’s voice! It’s about the contestant and the contestant gets to choose which judge will help them the most. I wouldn’t be a fan of an artist if I didn’t appreciate and respect their voice and its imperfections.

    1. I’m a fan and I do aprecciate and respect her voice and it’s imperfections. I never said I don’t like her, take a minute to read my comments. I’m just saying Xtina is better coach than Gwen.
      And some contestans choose Gwen because she’s a “legend” not because her voice… And once again, Xtina has a great voice and is more proper for the show.

    1. ^ Exactly. (Which comes across as a bit of a hater.) No one is saying here that she has the best voice in the world, but for some reason she’s a singer and has sold millions of albums. And I’d rather have her unique and fragile voice than 1,000 Christinas or Mariahs.

  11. – Pffff… Well, YOU GOT ME WRONG. You are being hypersensitive ( just as hypersensitive persons who criticized the video for “Looking Hot” … you’re like them… ) I’m not a hater, Gwen is my idol. Gwen is unique, original, and cool, nobody can copy her. She’s more influential in fashion and music than people really know. I love and support everything she does.

    BUT, I also recognize that her voice is not great or outstanding. Is her voice unique? Yes and I like it. Is her voice good? Mm, yes, in studio. Is her voice good during live performances? I don’t think so… maybe sometimes. She’s just Ok. That makes her a bad artist? Nope, because she’s a whole arstist and people love her (even if they don’t respect her voice). So… Christina is better coach than Gwen? YES. Is Xtina better coach for the show? YES. Because Xtina’s voice is better than Gwen’s voice. Actually Xtina’s voice is great and Gwen’s not.

  12. I don’t see how anyone is being “hyper sensitive”. I only quoted the words you used LOL I just don’t think Gwen should be dismissed as a judge because she doesn’t sing like Christina. That doesn’t seem to be a prerequisite for the show. Not even all the contestants sing like Christina. I think the show wants to showcase different genres, voices and backgrounds.

    I don’t expect Gwen to sound exactly like her studio albums. In fact, I rarely listen to the studio versions of ND or solo songs. I listen to the live versions because I love the way the band and Gwen sound live. They are known for being a live band, so if you don’t like the way she sounds live, then I guess you should probably be a Britney Spears fan instead LOL kidding…kidding…

    But anyway, we are beating a dead horse at this point. Enjoy the rest of your week 😉

  13. Gwen’s live voice >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Gwen’s studio voice. Anytime! For some reason they’ve always been (primarily) a live band.

  14. And why are you trying to pit a female artist against other female artist? Last time I checked the show has other male coaches. And I really don’t think Adam Levine sings any better than Gwen. AT ALL. I can’t say anything about Blake cause I’ve hardly heard him sing. But how about Pharrell, CeeLo Green and Shakira? LOL Seriously Batcaver your argument is invalid. Maybe if Xtna is the Oh so Mighty of female voices she should be the only coach.

  15. Ok, you know what? I don’t wanna talk about this anymor… It’s over for me. I love Gwen and she’s the best. I don’t wanna say anymore about this topic because I feel like I’m “bashing” her or something and I feel like an idiot (and I don’t like that..) because that’s not my point. I’m just trying to be objective, I don’t even like Christina now (I used to like her in 90’s..) so this is ridiculous. Gwen is great, her voce is cool, I don’t want nobody to think that I hate her so this is the end of this “conversation”. Nobody got my point.

  16. Don’t be silly. You just need to be more careful what you write next time, cause initially you were kinda bashing Gwen as a vocalist. You know what, different strokes for different folks. For some reason we’re all here on this site. I don’t even think it’s fair to compare Gwen to Xtna cause they’re very different. But at the end of the day I think Gwen is capable of helping newcomers cause she’s got some much experience. I know many people don’t take her seriously when she says she had the longest career but we all know how much No Doubt struggled for 10 years to be played on the radio. They never took it for granted and for that I admire them.

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