Gwen Not Returning For Season 8 of The Voice… But Will Be Back?

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The Voice - Season 7

It was confirmed by NBC today that Gwen will not be returning to The Voice for season 8 and that past coach Christina Aguilera will be back in the spring. Fellow new coach Pharrell Williams will return next season alongside Blake Shelton and Adam Levine.

The announcement was expected and we’re confident Gwen has plenty of her sleeves in the near future for everyone.

Would you like to see Gwen return again to The Voice for another season?

Photo courtesy of NBC.


Hollywood Life is exclusively reporting that even though Gwen will not be back for season 8 of The Voice, she will however return in the future “100%”. It may be a little too early for an official confirmation for another upcoming season either way.

“Everyone knew she was coming back once she left,” an insider tells EXCLUSIVELY about Christina’s return. “It was always the plan.”

“For Gwen to do The Voice is a relaunching pad for things she wants to do in her career. She is going to work more on fashion, music and other things, now that she has a fresh coat of paint on her from the exposure of The Voice,” our insider adds. “But one thing for sure is she will be back on The Voice in the future. 100%. They all love her there.”

21 Replies to “Gwen Not Returning For Season 8 of The Voice… But Will Be Back?”

  1. I think she will come back after Christina Aguilera does Season 8…I would like to see her in Season 10 or 11 after her touring…

  2. The reason to be on the show was to put her back on the map, the first step of her comeback. Done Now I’m ready for the new music, tour, ND album etc.. I hope the next couple of years are full of touring.

  3. Fine with her taking a season off to do her solo tour then hopefully in the fall she will be back on the voice and have new music with no doubt!

  4. This isn’t really news … I think we all knew she was only gonna do one season… specifically cuz christina was pregnant. It just served as a platform for Gwen’s solo comeback which is quickly approaching…and now when she performs baby don’t lie on the voice … later on it will be even a bigger platform. I really hope she goes on tour for her solo album!

  5. I said no only because I want her to have some time for a new ND album! haha it’s a selfish reason. I think she did a great job and she’s the only reason I watched any of the clips of that show. I won’t watch or pay attention. Never have. I hope I have the $$ to see Gwen if she does another solo tour. 🙂

  6. I voted no because I’m hoping by this time next year we’ll have had a new no doubt album (and hopefully a tour?!) 😀

  7. I voted yes, because Blake and Adam’s tour numbers are amazing. Christina, Usher, Cee-Lo, and Shakera have not been able to do the bounce in and out game and make it successful with their music. Which is why you will find Pharrell staying. He is smart. Christina was already signed on for season 8 before we knew Gwen would be well received. Same manager…he won’t pull her 14 million gig for Gwen to have a less then spot. He needs his commission too.

  8. And did I miss the post with Adrian’s instagram in a recording studio last night and Tom Instagramming and mentioning his own recording set up?? What’s going on there??

    1. I could be wrong, but I think Adrian is recording drums for Steel Pulse. Don’t know about Tom, though. Maybe he was just jamming?

    2. I think Adrian was in the studio with Steel Pulse (which I’m equally excited for!) since the rest of the band hasn’t commented on anything quite yet.

  9. Gwen will return for season 9. It’s been confirmed. Maybe next year she will be promoting No Doubt’s new album instead.

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