Gwen Not Returning for Season 13 of ‘The Voice’

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Reports are confirming that Gwen will be stepping away from The Voice this fall with new coach Jennifer Hudson joining as well as returning coaches Miley Cyrus, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. Hollywood Reporter reported the news this afternoon.

We love seeing Gwen on the show and we know that she’s remained close with The Voice family over the years, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see her return again for a future season. She’s appeared several times during her off-seasons on The Voice so we hope she’ll continue the trend and return sometime this fall in some way. Singer Kelly Clarkson has already been announced as a new coach for season 14.

We’re crossing our fingers for a new project or something major in the works for Gwen after season 12 wraps up next month.

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  1. Tbh, I hope she won’t return again. Time to close this chapter and move on to something more. It’s kind of sad to see how much she has neglected her own L.A.M.B. fashion collection. And let’s hope she will release new material soon, too.

    1. She earns too much money not to do the Voice! She will be back. I just read that the ratings are way way down. Does anyone know if that is true? Like 4million viewers down from the beginning of this season even after being paid to be lovey dovey on air with BS. Also she doesn’t do Lamb. She is a creative director. Other people do ALL of the designing and she just says yes or no so it wouldn’t be her fault they don’t do well.

  2. Being paid to be lovey dovey with Blake? omg is that true?

    I really dislike the Voice. I watch it sometimes just because of Gwen but I’m honestly tired of it, so part of me hopes she won’t return lol that being said I know she loves the show and it’s probably easier for her to work there at this point of her life and career.

  3. I personally think ratings are down because none of the contestants are as amazing as those in past seasons.

  4. I think The Voice has to be careful not to American Idol itself… they have seasons lined up before the current one even finishes so it’s a constant rotation and becomes less special that way. I think it would be smart for Gwen to jump ship while the show is still hot. Hoping this is her last season.

  5. Nah, ever since Season 6 or 7 of The Voice, the ratings of this show have been pretty consistent from year to year. Still #1 after all these seasons, btw. There is a slight variance from season to season, but that’s because the watching patterns are a bit different between Fall and Spring. Has viewership dropped by about 3.5-4 mil since this season’s premiere? Yes, but that same drop happens just about EVERY season. In fact this season, the premiere at 13 mil was higher than the season before (+0.9 mil). The rest of blinds, every season, drops to between 11-12+ mil thereabouts. The battles and knockouts draw about 10-11 mil viewers per season. The lives draw about 9-10 mil viewers every season. Basically, I’m guessing some people stop watching after their faves get eliminated. Expect the final two episodes to tick back up a couple of million or so, as viewers tune back in to find out who wins. Despite what you may or may not have heard (“way way down” etc.), this season has been very much par for the course. But don’t just take my word for it, or anyone else’s for the matter. Ratings numbers for every episode of every season are listed on Wikipedia, with links to the source data (Nielson).

    Gwen was never slated to return for Season 13. Miley had already been announced, and unconfirmed 4th coach was always going to be non-Caucasian (as per every season since the first). Hence, JHud. Gwen will also likely not be returning for Season 14 (unless one of the guys take a long overdue albeit unlikely break). The Voice just today announced that Kelly Clarkson (woohoo!) will be joining the coaching panel for Season 14. I’m guessing the two female coaches for that season will JHud and Kelly, which would be the perfect riposte to American Idol returning next year on ABC. (Btw, imo, the continued strong ratings of The Voice are probably the reason why Idol is even returning. Like them or not, the viewing masses still have a penchant and appetite for these singing shows.)

    1. Good post and informative! It doesn’t look like she will return for the next 2 seasons. I only started to watch it when Gwen came on. She is a good coach and I love seeing her changing fashions and hairstyles every week although I thought they were a lot more creative in the past seasons. It’s like her stylists, makeup and hair team coasted.
      This season there were really no super performers and no stand outs and people got eliminated who should have stayed. No one has really captured the audience.

  6. I hope Dreamcar performs on the finale this season. Then, maybe a surprise ND reunion performance.

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