Gwen Possibly Not Appearing At Fashion Week Due To Work On New Album

Well, this explains it! A L.A.M.B. spokesperson has come out saying that Gwen will possibly not be making an appearance at Fashion Week this September with her line due to “extraordinary demands” and “finishing a new record”. This does make sense since the presentation was moved to a much smaller venue versus the Theater which we are used to seeing her in. This will be the first time since the line debuted in 2004 that she will not be there to present her work. We truly do feel bummed that she won’t be there, but we couldn’t be more happy for and the band’s work on the new album and how it’s getting so close! It just really shows how dedicated they are to each other and thier new work and to us! We wish the best for Gwen and her L.A.M.B. team on another amazing season and we are sure that the line will respresent itself well and we are so thrilled for the new album!

L.A.M.B.’s presentation will take place on September 11 between 2:30-3:30 in The Box.

NY Post — Gwen Stefani probably won’t take the final bow at her own L.A.M.B. runway show during Fall Fashion Week. It would be the first time the designer will miss her show since she launched the brand. Sources say Stefani will be stuck in Los Angeles working on her first No Doubt album in 10 years.

A source close to the singer said, “It’s really important to her.” A L.A.M.B. spokesperson told us, “Given the extraordinary demands of working on three fashion lines while also finishing a new record, it is hard to say whether she will be able to attend the actual presentation in New York next month.”

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  1. This whole article is crap!!! She still has one month to go and alot of music can be completed in that time! Also she only has to be in NYC for press and the show- I highly doubt she will miss this fashion show. Also I believe they moved the show out of the large tents b/c designers have to spend alot of $$$$$$ to use the space. Until last year she did show at the Milk and Mac studio which is much smaller venue but I guess since signing with loreal she couldn’t show at a mac venue.

  2. Jen, you have some valid points. It is hard to believe that she wouldn’t be there or the showing, or at least some press surrounding it or Fashion’s Night Off.

  3. I think the only reason she would not show up for her LAMB fashion show is if the band plan to release the album within the next three month because then they would be in a rush to do a variety of things that would then cause a conflict of interest. Otherwise, it doesnt make sense because according to the last tweet by Tom they are taking a break from recording, which I thought was because Gwen needs to prep for the fashion show.

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