Gwen Named Lashes To Lashes Voter’s Choice L2L Girl

Gwen has been named this month’s L2L girl at Lashes to Lashes blog! We mentioned the vote on our Facebook and Twitter a couple weeks ago where we had the chance to vote for her to be showcased, and she won with over 60% of the votes. We also want to thank the blog for giving BSO a shout out earlier and in the new post! We really appreciate it! Gwen is so deserving and we’re so happy she won!

Lashes To Lashes — Well, well, well boys and girls, you did it, you voted for Gwen Stefani as your L2L Girl from now until August- with us featuring more of her for you!

We had a lot of really cool- and kinda weird votes. We had the RDJ lovers as well as the Lily Allen and Angie fans battling it out for top spot but Gwen took 60% of the votes!

So for all you Gwenabees/Gwen stans n’ fans, this ones for you.

We had some really cute reasons why you just loooove Gwen and I thought I’d share two of them:

From @boyinlamb – ”Her unique style, her retro look. She is the 21st century Marilyn Monroe. She could wear a bin-bag + look hot!”

From Rosie @LAMB83 – “My vote is definitely for Gwen Stefani! She is the epitome of style and grace, and inspires her fans each and every day in so many ways!”

We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who voted, Beacon Street Online, Everything In Time and Just No Doubt for the picture love and spreading the word!

We will give you guys exactly what you want in the future – more Gwen Stefani!

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