Gwen Named A Top 20 Fitness Icon

Gwen has been named a top 20 fitness icon by Fitness magazine!

FitnessThe Rock (Hard) Star: Gwen Stefani

Before Gwen Stefani began strutting her stuff as the superfly front woman for the otherwise all-guy band No Doubt in 1995, the role of female lead singer tended more toward being a sexpot than having a six-pack. The blond bombshell, now 42, brought a new athleticism to the stage with a bod she credits to “lifting weights [and] a little boxing.”

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  1. i listened no doubt by first time when i was 13 years old, now i´m 27 and i still listen to them, i´ve gone trought so much and i always wherever i go i take them with me, stay safe!!

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