Gwen Named #2 Most Awesome Stylish Rocker

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The Vine — Tell me what you will but being a rock star is without a doubt a dream for everyone at one stage of their life. For a lucky few, playing a guitar and melodically screaming into a microphone comes naturally, but for the rest of us, being a rock star is limited to our fantasies and private sessions with an Ipod and hair brush microphone in our bathrooms. While you might not be able to be a rockstar in life, you can at least be a rockstar in style. Take your cues from the top ten most stylish rockers.

2. Gwen Stefani

Gwenny has come a long way since her days as lead singer of No Doubt, but even when she was rocking out in midriffs, bleach blonde hair knotted up like a porcupine around her head and deep red lips, you couldn’t help but be seduced by her spunk and fashion enthusiasm. When Gwen takes on a style, from Harajuku girl, Alice in Wonderland, to camo prints and cargo pants, it’s enough to convince you that despite your previous style smarts maybe you too could look good in cargo pants and a crop top. Then again, maybe not.

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