Gwen: “Music-wise I Have Some Things I’m Figuring Out”

In her new revealing interview with WWD, Gwen mentions that 2014 has her pretty busy with new projects including: her nail lacquer collection with OPI, a new casual clothing line, DWP (a new collaboration with denim guru Michael Glasser), a new fragrance from Harajuku Lovers and an upcoming Harajuku Lovers 52-episode cartoon.

But on the music side of the things, Gwen mentions that she still has “some things” that she’s “figuring out”. Tom mentioned back in October of last year that the band was indeed taking some time off after being in the studio the first half of 2013.

Gwen noted in reference to her new collection, DWP:

“If you had come a year ago, when I was putting the No Doubt record out, there was no way I could do another project. When I’m writing, it’s really hard for me to do the music and the line. Then other things happened to me that are very obvious,” she said, looking at her seven-months-pregnant belly. “But this timing was really perfect for me because I now have a window of time to do this.”

More recently, there have been rumors of Gwen possibly working with producer Ariel Rechtshaid and pop star Rita Ora, though neither have been confirmed.

We’re excited to see what’s in store for us in the next year and we thank Gwen for giving us new things to look forward to. What an exciting time for her and we wish Gwen and her teams all the best of luck!

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  1. Well, to me this sounds definitely more like “figuring out” new solo projects than making music with ND. Everybody knows she was in the studio with ND last year, so she could just say that there is new ND material that still needs some work, but instead she only vaguely talks about “some things”. Mark my words: Solo!

  2. I predict she’ll pop the baby in 2 to 3months, be off for another 3 months, release the fragrance n cartoon around fall, may come out with a presentation for lamb or HL, be featured in a collab with another popstar n then be back workin on no doubt stuff by spring 2015

  3. For her and her products, it’s more interesting if she goes solo, rather doing a ND project. Sad… but true.

  4. I agree that’s y I wouldn’t be surprise if she comes out with new music to go along with the upcoming HL release

  5. Well, I don’t know what her priority list looks like these days, but as others have said before, it seems as if music comes at the bottom. Just look at all the things she’s been doing lately and all the other stuff that’s about to come up. For the last few months she’s been more active than ever since she got back together with ND. She seems to enjoy this new “hiatus” plus she seems to be ready to try out more new things. I wouldn’t even be surprised, if we got a “Surprise, I recorded a new solo album!” announcement soon-ish.

    Somehow I start to believe that it was Gwen, who ended the P&S era, because she lost interest and wanted to do all these other things.

  6. This is all exciting news! I am glad Gwen gets to do this project while pregnant, and hopefully resume music in one shape or another once this long list of projects gets off her plate. We are all eager for music because that’s what we all want most of her, but she is very busy with so many different things. It’s like the woman is a machine sometimes. No wonder she drains her creativity for music when she’s pouring it into all this other outlets. I wish her the best.

  7. Guys, I don’t understand why some of you are mad at her, or at least seem to be. I’m sad no music seems to come up soon as all of you are, but Gwen is not ours. We all know how pregnancy is for her…
    And if she wants to do a solo album, I would be disappointed, but it is still her and we do not have anything to say about her choices. She has the right to do whatever she wants, it’s not because she is a popstar that she HAS to do what her fans want her to do.
    Love ya NDers !

  8. Not to be a downer, but I honestly don’t think she has a lot going on. Especially because all of these things are collaborative in one way of another.
    She essentially just has to sign off on things. A simple yes or no.

    I too am suspecting something solo approaching. I doubt an album but something….
    ND is clearly at the bottom of the list.

  9. Gwen didn t end the Push and Shove era because she lost interest but rather because the record Ias much as love it) was not received well by the public. I think Looking hot was a horrible choice for a second single. Push and Shove or Undercover should have been the second single. They should have continued with the momentum of the record goin on a fall promo tour rather than having that lag period n took forever to release the 2nd single. One More Summer and Easy should have been released as singles ;). And as Gwen stated its easier for her to do the fashion stuff than write a song that why its a lot easier for her to pop out with new products left and right this time around. And besides her fashion lines have been quite neglected and needs the extra boost. If she comes out with a solo record, it wouldn’t hurt No Doubt at all but rather garner more interest in the same way her collar with moby and eve did for Rocksteady.

  10. Ray, but what did her actual solo bring to ND? You are talking about collaborations with other artists, rather than her solo. Her solo brought attention to her brands and to herself and did little to keep ND on the spotlight.

  11. I think collaborations no solo work. She has to get back out there musically and wont do it alone. She has to regain her confidence and name before leading the band back

  12. If the puts up a single (solo) it will sell…. no question about it. Her label will move mountains to sell Gwen as a solo act versus having her in a band.

  13. Well, it opened up a new set of fans to the band. Her solo would have much more of an impact if it was incorporated to no doubt but she was adamant about keeping each other separate. They could have gone in tour and profit bc they have a built in fan base. Sure it’s not Beyonce big lol but they have a decent following.

  14. I’m trying to read between the lines like everyone else here, but I don’t see in any way how that quote points towards “solo”. To me, it points towards business ventures outside of music. Fashion, nails, advertisements. I don’t think she’s interested at all in making music since these other ventures allow her to be with her children.

  15. @JO Well, Wikipedia isn’t really a reliable source for anything as everybody can add information to any entry any time. ND’s Wikipedia entry had a new release listed for 2010, then 2011 until P&S finally got released in 2012. The german Wikipedia even said that P&S will be called “Happy” before the real name got announced. The only reason why a new ND album appears in all those 2014 lists is, because people know that they have been working on new material and promised new music in 2013. But the people creating those lists don’t know anything more than we do concerning ND’s plans.

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