Gwen Mentioned In New Dior Line Article On Rolling Stone

Gwen has been mentioned in a new Rolling Stone article about designer Marc Jacobs taking over the creative process for the Dior line after John Galliano (a good friend of hers) was let go. It goes on to say how will the line go forward being in the for front of musicians, Gwen being one of them who was heavily inspired by Galliano.

Rolling Stone — Suffice to say, Jacobs’ musical loyalists will follow his travails at Dior, a brand already valued chiefly by the entertainment universe mainly for its aspirational status. The beacon of French luxury remains a red carpet staple, and countless rappers routinely namedrop Dior (alongside stalwarts Gucci, Vuitton, and Chanel) in materialist anthems. But the primary pop figure to truly live and breathe the contemporary Dior ethos has been Gwen Stefani, who played Galliano’s unofficial muse for the better part of a decade (he made her an unforgettable wedding gown; she dedicated “Rich Girl” to him in thanks.) Both Galliano and Stefani favor deviant interpretations of 1940s glamor: any No Doubt video confirms this, while latter day Dior shows exhibit the same playful admiration for vignettes of the past. At the core of both creatives’ priorities: beauty, even when off-kilter. This was not the willfully Dadaist realm of McQueen or Lady Gaga.

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