Gwen Mentioned in Blondie Fan Pack

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Thank you so much to Tumblr user harrietgibsone for sharing this!

The new Blondie album Panic of Girls, comes with a collectors fan pack magazine. One of the articles talks about Debbie and the band’s influence of the women of music today and, of course, Gwen is mentioned! There is only a small blurb, but it’s so awesome to see her picture there and having her mentioned with other amazing female artists including Shirley Manson, Karen O, PJ Harvey, Courtney Love and Alice Glass (Crystal Castles).

We all know what an amazingly huge Debbie and Blondie fan Gwen is and how much she has influenced her since her teenage years!

The late 90’s were ingnited by the cartoon playfulness by the likes of Gwen Stefani, snatching the bleach blonde batton from the Pammy Anderson and her troop of regressive Baywatch fembots

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