Gwen Makes SPIN’s 50 Biggest White Girl Rap Moments

Gwen is featured in SPIN magazine’s new feature on their 50 Biggest White Girl Rap Moments of All Time with “Hollaback Girl” and by making the cover of urban magazine Vibe with collaborator Pharell Williams.

SPINGwen Stefani records “Hollaback Girl,” Appears on Cover of VIBE with Pharrell (2005)

You could say that all the No Doubt singer did on her solo megahit was cheerlead — she spelled out the word “b-a-n-a-n-a-s,” the production was built around a drumline, and the video was half-filmed on a high school football field. But cheerleader-voice is kind of a classic white-women-rapping intonation, and the chorus was rap to the max. When she showed up on the cover of VIBE with the song’s producer, Pharrell Williams, it was under the line “hip-hop meets rock,” fast-forwarding the great web-genre mindmeld.

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