Gwen Makes Huffington Post’s Best Photos

While running errands in Los Angeles

While vacationing in Mexico

No Doubt live in Paris, France

Thank you to Katherine for sending in the link to us — Gwen has made Huffington Post’s annual list of the Top 400 Best Celebrity Photos of 2012. She made an appearance three times this year and even little Zuma came in on the list, too.

To see the complete list, click here.

11 Replies to “Gwen Makes Huffington Post’s Best Photos”

  1. Look at those cheekbones!! Yes she’s as beautiful as always (and even better, if that’s even possible), but can we admit she’s had a lot of plastic surgery? Not that it’s a blasphemy!

  2. you can never really tell with gwen sometimes, the only complaint i have is when whatever botox or filler treatment she gets done it sometimes looks alittle to obvious.

  3. i cannot stand when ‘plastic surgery’ is mentioned so much on this site, i mean what gwen does is pretty pedestrian, most of the time she looks beautfiul, almost too good sometimes but that is her, gwen is italian and alot of those woman do have high cheek bones[including my mother] i just hope lets say in ten years from now or so she still looks good and does not go overboard with anything, i mean keeping wrinkles at bay is a anti aging method so i do not make a big deal about it because botox or whatever else is a strategy that keeps woman looking fresh. i just hate sometimes people comment on how it seems gwen is the only woman to do some mild cosmetic procedure or procedures and make federal case about it. she is smart and she wont overdue it.

  4. Well…she has had a lot of work done… She looks good though, but she also looked good before in my opinion. She’s blessed with a youthful face!

    I normally love Gwen’s taste in sunglasses, but the pair in the first picture are UGLY. LOL

  5. the only reason why i sounded off on this is because i guess i am such a big fan of hers that i do not want her to look like someone i do not know due to botched procedures. i just do not want her to ruin her beauty.

  6. Okay, maybe I haven’t studied Gwen’s face since I’m more interested in listening to the music, but what has she had done? I’m not even joking here. I don’t really pay attention much to the band’s faces to see if anything’s changed. Has she said she’s had work done, or are people assuming?

    Anyway, to actually be on topic, that first picture is adorable. You can tell just how attached those boys are to their mother. So cute.

  7. nice comment matt where just idots whom assume to much, going off the subject as always……….. lets all try to stay on the subject.

  8. Matt, as far as I know she hasn’t talked about plastic surgery to the media. These are assumptions. You can look at old pictures of Gwen and compare them to now and there are subtle differences. I’m not going to point them out here… If you really wanna know you can email me LOL

    Either way she’s still beautiful…

  9. @Joe
    You seriously should chill. I never called anyone an idiot. I asked a simple question.

    Thanks for the answer. I was just curious. I’m personally never good at pointing out differences in people. It’s so bad that my own mother laughs about how useless I am when trying to remember a face or specfics about people 🙂

    And yeah, she is still a beauty. Gavin too… no matter how strange that may sound 😛

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