Gwen Makes Fits News Top Five Hotties List

Gwen is the newest addition to Fits News “Top Five Hotties” list!

Fits News — So long, Rihanna …

There’s a new girl on our founding editor’s “Top Five hotties” list … although it’s not the youthful upgrade that many of our fans may have been hoping for.

Gwen Stefani, 41, joins actresses Charlize Theron (35), Angelina Jolie (35), Halle Berry (44) and Salma Hayek (44) on Sic Willie’s list. Oh, and before anybody starts slamming him for his obvious “Mothers I’d Like to Fahrvergnügen” fetish – Stefani was recently selected as the new cover girl for L’Oreal Paris.

Not too shabby for a mother of two…

And while promising to keep his eyes peeled for “younger women … at least on the internet,” Sic said he wasn’t going to be dissuaded from following his own definition of “hot.”

“Contrary to the porn peddler pronouncements of some of my critics I am into beauty that transcends trends and styles,” Sic said. “That’s what I find ‘hot,’ and that’s not something you’re ever going to get from the latest inflatable princess or the fresh-faced teeny-bopper of the week. Like Madonna before her, Gwennie has that transcendent translucence that’s every bit at home on the cover of Vogue as it is on the mirror of a dirty bathroom in a punk rock club.”

Plus, she “ain’t no hollaback girl.”

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