Gwen Live in Toronto for NBA All-Star Weekend

Gwen performed an exclusive and intimate show for Bell Live in the True North at NBA All-Star Weekend in Toronto, Ontario tonight. She played a set similar to her recent show in New York for MasterCard and rocked her plaid ensemble and brought back the black tips. Fans were able to check out the full show courtesy of our friends @DailyGwen on Periscope and we had the pleasure of live Tweeting the concert. Like fans were expecting, Gwen did not perform her new single “Make Me Like You” which we could see her waiting on until her performance on Jimmy Kimmel next week.

Head over to for videos from the show!

Set list

Wind It Up / Rich Girl / Baby Don’t Lie / Luxurious / Crash / Cool / Spark the Fire / What You Waiting For? / 4 In The Morning / Hollaback Girl / Used To Love You / The Sweet Escape


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She is a rich girl, nananananana #gwenstefani #allstarweekendtoronto

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If I was a rich girl!!!!! She is to to to good #nbaallstarweekend #gwenstefani #Toronto #awesome

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7 Replies to “Gwen Live in Toronto for NBA All-Star Weekend”

  1. She probably didn’t have enough time to rehearse with the band. She’s been too busy with the music video. The show was just a reduced version of the New York one. Same choreography, backdrops, outfit..I can’t believe she performed Spark The Fire and Baby Don’t Lie! Thought they were done lol

    1. She needs to fill a setlist with singles and newer songs. I have a feeling she will drop those 2 once the album is out and she tours it.

  2. I just realized how interesting it is she performed bdl and stf even though they were dropped from the tracklist. Hmmmm

  3. I guess she doesn’t want to give the new songs away too early and that’s why she didn’t perform anything from the new album. BDL and STF are still official singles after all, so I guess it’s ok if she keeps on performing them. Gwen looked incredible by the way. Very RS-esque.

  4. I’m glad she performed Spark The Fire! I love how she threw some shade to haters: “I hope you’re not scared!” “It’s almost cooler when you do it” lol

  5. Guys, lets just take Spark The Fire & Baby Dont Lie as Promotional Singles and there done, she can preform them plus she Gwen Freaking Stefani! <3

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