Gwen Listed On Billboard’s Top 25 Singers Of The 2000s

Thanks to our friends at EIT, apparently Gwen came in at #19 on Billboard’s Top 25 Singers of 2000-2010. The number sounds really low, and they ranked her behind Miley Cyrus and Avril Lavigne… really? The list seems kind of bogus and weird. We have been looking online for more on the countdown but have been unsuccessful so far.

01. Beyonce
02. Lady Gaga
03. Britney Spears
04. Alicia Keys
05. Mariah Carey
06. Kelly Clarkson
07. Rihanna
08. Christina Aguilera
09. Jennifer Lopez
10. Avril Lavigne
11. Mary J. Blige
12. Taylor Swift
13. Faith Hill
14. Ashanti
15. Miley Cyrus
16. Fergie
17. Carrie Underwood
18. Missy Elliot
19. Gwen Stefani
20. Celine Dion
21. Madonna
22. Norah Jones
23. Ciara
24. Nelly Furtado
25. Janet Jackson

4 Replies to “Gwen Listed On Billboard’s Top 25 Singers Of The 2000s”

  1. It must be based on sales? Although, I wouldn’t think Lady Gaga would be so high since she’s only had 1 1/2 albums out. Weird.

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