Update: Gwen Surprises Fans on Blake Shelton’s Tour with Her Songs


As many fans expected, Gwen graced the stage once again tonight in Saint Paul, Minnesota and surprised fans with a solo performance of “The Sweet Escape” with Blake’s band!


Blake Shelton kicked off his new tour in Oklahoma City last week and Gwen has been a special guest for the past four shows additionally in Peoria, Ohio and Saint Paul, Minnesota. Not only has she been joining Blake onstage for their duet “Go Ahead and Break My Heart”, but Gwen has also been surprising fans with “Hollaback Girl” backed by his tour band. The crowd’s responses have been amazing and Gwen looks to be having the time of her life performing one of her biggest hits live in front the mostly country audience.

Last night in Saint Paul, Gwen spent most the concert Periscoping and interacting with fans. She then had someone in her crew stream her performances live on the social network for everyone to watch!

Hi Minnesota Gx

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Gwen made another special surprise appearance tonight during Blake Shelton’s tour opener in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with a duet of “Go Ahead and Break My Heart.” Blake joined Gwen out on the road a few times this past summer on her This Is What the Truth Feels Like tour so we wouldn’t be surprised if she returned the favor this fall.

Check out a few photos and clips from the performance courtesy of lucky concertgoers!

Awesome evening! #blakeshelton #gwenstefani #oklahomacity #concert

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Life made. Thanks @gwenstefani #gwenstefani#oklahoma#nodoubt#hollabackgirl#tulsa#lifemade

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Gwen joined Blake onstage again tonight (Saturday) during his second opening show in Oklahoma City for another performance of “Go Ahead and Break My Heart.”

9 Replies to “Update: Gwen Surprises Fans on Blake Shelton’s Tour with Her Songs”

  1. Yes it is crazy they didn’t release it as a single and now will miss out on a possible Grammy nom in the duet category, plus they co- wrote it. May be because they recorded it like in the Spring or earlier and they were afraid people weren’t that receptive of them as a couple. I really wish I knew who makes the decision on singles.

  2. I agree, not releasing the duet as an official (radio) single was a huge mistake. It went straight to the top on iTunes after only one TV performance… I’m sure with a cute video and some decent airplay, this could have been a decent hit for both of them. Maybe Gwen and her management were afraid of diving too deep into the country scene? After all, some of the “pop fans” didn’t like the duet at all.

  3. I wonder if it’s more because it doesn’t have place on the radio? Where to put it? Christina and Blake had a duet years ago that was well received, but ultimately went nowhere.

    I’m honestly tired of the Blake/Gwen love parade of the past year, but if they are going to play the song nearly every night, then release it as a single. At the very least, their Shefani fans would be happy and the media would buzz about the video.

  4. I’m sure country radio would have embraced the duet. After all, Blake had a new album out at that time and – unlike Xtina – Gwen has a generally “likeable” image. I’m sure country fans would have accepted her on country radio. Xtina is/was a notorious pop diva, but Gwen still has a somewhat rock-ish/alternative background that seems to be more compatible with the country scene.

    Obviously pop radio wouldn’t have played the duet, but… pop radio also doesn’t care about Gwen’s solo songs anymore tbh. Maybe with some Hot AC stations playing it, this could have been a minor crossover hit. We’ll never know.

    What really annoys me though is that Gwen basically stopped her own album promo to promote Blake’s album and the duet…

    1. Is Gwen likable to country fans? I thought Miranda/Blake were a beloved pairing? I’m not a country fan, so I don’t know about the inner workings of which pop stars are radio friendly to that crowd, so I’ll take your word for it LOL

      This era has been confusing and I’m ready for The Blake and Gwen Show to be over (I don’t mean break up – just go away for awhile). I loved the album and the Howard Stern interview and those are the only highlights for me.

  5. To me this era didn’t even feel like a real era tbh… It was more like an extended reality show with some music every now and then lol.

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