Gwen Joined Blake Onstage with “Go Ahead and Break My Heart” Live for iHeartRadio (Updated)


Blake Shelton has shared his intimate live performance of “Go Ahead and Break My Heart” with Gwen during his iHeartRadio album release party. He opened up the performance saying he initially starting writing the song to impress Gwen.

The song is incredibly sweet and their chemistry is undeniable! Blake and Gwen are set to perform their new song together this Sunday on the Billboard Music Awards.


After their amazing performance on The Voice, Gwen surprisingly joined Blake Shelton live onstage again during his album release party hosted by iHeartRadio in Los Angeles. The concert will be streamed in full on May 18 at 8:00PM local time via which will feature Gwen’s appearance.

Before going into the song, the couple shared that Blake wrote the first half of the song and Gwen wrote the second half. “We need to write more songs together I think,” Blake said sharing that they wrote this song at the end of last year saying that he wanted to impress her.

“Go Ahead and Break My Heart” is dominating on the iTunes hitting the #1 spot on the country charts and #1 and #3 overall. Incredible!

11 Replies to “Gwen Joined Blake Onstage with “Go Ahead and Break My Heart” Live for iHeartRadio (Updated)”

  1. Love the song and I kept replaying it. A glass of wine while cooking and dancing to it in the kitchen last nite– had an entire dinner prepared with no effort!

  2. #2 overall now on the iTunes Top 100 🙂 Just passed Drake and now chasing JT! Cool to see Gwen involved in both the top 2 current songs on iTunes, being featured prominently in the video for Justin and of course now this lovely Shefani duet. Yay! Go Gwen!

  3. This promo seems to have helped her album on iTunes, which is great.

    Is this going to be an official single Jenny? Their voices compliment each other IMO

    1. There hasn’t been any news on it being released as an official single as of yet. It’s been such a smash though I think it would be unwise to not take advantage of it, especially with the BMAs coming up this weekend.

      I would like to see Gwen move on with her own material though — hopefully the “Misery” video will be out next when the single hits radio.

  4. That dress looks like she bought a tinsel party pack and fake flowers from the dollar store. So tacky…

  5. Wow. Who knew. Blake’s album just overtook Ariana at #1 on iTunes. That was totally not supposed to happen according to industry predictions. If he manages to stay ahead for the rest of the coming week he might actually have a shot at snagging #1 on the Billboard Top 200. Then our lovebirds would both have hit #1 with their new albums! 🙂 Might have something to do with the reviews which have been pretty positive all around. Kelly Clarkson also gave the album a huge shout out on twitter (like she did with UTLY for Gwen). I just bought my first ever country song (GAABMH, duh) on iTunes. Now I’m wondering if I’ll be buying my first ever country album, LOL. Oh Gwen, what are you doing to me? 🙂

    1. I know right– the power of a Gwen! Ariana’s fans aren’t too happy about it and have invaded Gwen’s Instagram and Blakes twitter. Gwen posted the iTunes chart showing Blake’s album # 1 which she purchased and Beyonce’s # 3 that she purchased, but not Ariana’s, so they are mad. Too funny!
      Doubt he stays # 1 since the Ariana fans are all over twitter telling everyone to buy hers.
      I just listened to all the songs on his album and the duet with Gwen is by far the best song on it. It just elevates the entire album.

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