Gwen Is The Gloss’s Friday’s Style Icon With Her Iconic 90s Style

We are loving these vintage photos we’re posting today! Today is Gwen is featured as The Gloss’s Friday Style Icon with her iconic 90s look. To the plaid bondage pants, bindis, Doc Martins, fur collared coats, chains, polka dots — the perfect recipe for Gwenabees! They have nothing but nice words about her and praise Gwen’s style and bringing different styles together to make it her own. They also have a couple of links to some of her must-haves.

We added the links included in the blog post.

The Gloss — Gwen Stefani’s outfits are admirably consistent, in that she always looks like herself. Thus, it’s hard to criticize even her weaker choices, because they still look like genuine reflections of her style. These days, she’s more into couture than belly shirts, but I still love ’90s Gwen. Here’s a few looks from the trio of No Doubt videos that made Tragic Kingdom so huge, “Just a Girl,” “Spiderwebs,” and “Don’t Speak”.

Doc Martens “Rafi” Saddle Shoe
Coming Soon Faux Fur Coat
Jeweled Bindi
Tripp NYC Plaid Pants
Doc Martins Cherry 1460
Jelly Bracelets
Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony (“Don’t Speak” dress replica)

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